Product Needs

  • Does the mason jar fill a psychological long term need? Is the product candy, vitamin or painkiller?
    • Organize kitchen cupboard
      • replace coffee mugs
      • replace plastic cups
      • safe to use in freezer, microwave and oven
      • investiment promote reuse
      • improve heal - avoid consuming plastics

Company Name Ideas

    • slogan - Natural goods and supplies for a better life
    • DNS -
  • Lousy Jar
  • Lousy Bottle
  • Marketing Ideas
    • Broken Bottle Weapon - Drop That Bottle
    • Chinese Water Torture - dripping water drive someone crazy
    • Russian Cocktail - Ocean 13 clip
    • Recyclers - people don't throw away these bottles so the recycle cartel is upset, cutting into their revenue
    • Mason Jar cartel upset with Lousy Jar, smear campaign - Louis Jars, should be called Lousy Jars (Parker Lewis Can't Lose)
    • Blender Bottle Market
        • BlenderBottle - patented BlenderBall wire whisk, shaker bottles, storage containers and accessories, founded by Steve Sorensen, 2020 revenue of $150 million
        • Smart Shake - Swedish company sells shaker bottles (Smart Shake Original), storage containers, and accessories for fitness enthusiasts, 2020 revenue $20 million
        • PhD - UK-based company that produces and sells sports nutrition products, including shaker bottles, protein powders, and other supplements. PhD's flagship product is the SmartShake Lite, which features a leak-proof design and a detachable storage compartment. Revenue $30 million
        • Hydra Cup - Salt Lake City, Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Bottle, $10 million revenue
        • Contigo - Chicago IL, Shake & Go Fit Shaker Bottle, which features a leak-proof design and a rounded bottom that makes it easy to clean, $50 million revenue
        • GNC - GNC Pro Performance Blender Bottle, which features a patented BlenderBall wire whisk and a leak-proof design, $1.2 billion
        • Avex - MixFit Shaker Bottle, which features a unique mixing system and a leak-proof design, $30 million
        • Cyclonecup - Cyclone Cup features a removable cyclone mixing system and a secure-screw on lid, $5 million revenue

Sales by Invoke Right Emotions

  • Steve Chou - Ecommerce brand workshop Day 1
    • What to think about when choosing a product
      • products that allow you to enjoy life and be more comfortable
      • alleviates pain or solves a problem
      • improves sexual companionship
      • elevates your status
      • protection and safety of loved ones
    • and and and and and and (checkout this one)
    • Profit margin of 66%
    • Amazon reviews < 100 so not that competitive and means good nieche
    • - find rough price say source for $6 and sell $30 on Amazon, that is a good product
    • How much will it cost for shipping and custom duties
    • (avg amazon sale price - true landed cost) / avg amazon sale price > 66% is good

Mason Jar Sizes

  • Mason Jar Sizes - Ball

Mason Jar Designs

Mason Jar Lid Designs

Mason Jar Lids Salad Dressings

  • Whiskware
    • Whiskware - Glass Salad Dressing

Mason Jar Lids

Mason Jar Lids - Soligt

Mason Jar Lid Sizes

Mason Jar Labels

Mason Jar Sleeves

Mason Jar Pour Spouts

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


Chalkboard Label Stickers

Almond & Peanut Butter

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Plastic Material

Product Image Ideas

Glass Containers

  • Needs
    • Thermal Shock Resistant - take glass bottle from fridge and pour hot water from water cooler into it
    • Lid spill/leak proof
    • Wide mouth - easily add spoon full protein & other powders, coconut oil, etc
    • Non-reactive container - essential oils, acid from lemons and other fruit
    • Easy to clean and reusable
    • Label - you can write on to reuse jar as piggybank, see Colcafe's Popular Glass Jar
  • ASTM C149-14(2020) Standard Test Method for Thermal Shock Resistance of Glass Containers

Glass Container Parts

  • Glass Packaging Institute - Container Parts

Borosilicate Glass


Manufactures - China

Friend Bottles

  • email
  • Email
    • Hello Friend Bottles,
    • I'm a buyer for and we sell high quality kitchen products in Winston-Salem North Carolina retail store (720 Coliseum Dr, Unit 32, Winston-Salem NC 27106) and on our website. We have been in business since 2020. I'm reaching out to you to purchase 32 oz / 1000 ml mason jar with the following requirements
      • Leak proof - Continuous Thread - standard profile
      • Thermal shock resistant - possibly type 1 borosilicate glass, must go from refridgerator (4C) to boiling water (100C)
      • Impact resistant glass, thicker glass
      • anti-slip stippling on bottom
      • add custom emboss of our brand - Bare Foot Baking
    • Eventually will need these questions answered
      • What is your minimum order quantities (MOQ)
      • Please give me a quote for 500, 1000 and 5000 unit quantities
      • What are your lead times for manufacturing
      • What are your payment terms? 30% upfront and remaining upon completion
      • What are some of your existing customers in the United States of America
      • Are you a member of the Glass Packaging Institue (
    • Goals between Bakefoot Baking and Friend Bottles
      • agreed upon pricing structure based on volume of sales
      • develop a win/win relationship
    • Lotion Dispenser
    • can be boiled in boiling water
    • oven-safe mason jars
    • continuous thread lids
    • Mason Jar 32oz
  • Friend Bottles 350 ml bottle
  • Create a complete set of initial mold, forming mold, mouth mold, bottom mold, punch, cooler, funnel, air head, How to emboss or engrave your logo on the glass jars and glass bottles?


    • 100% Food Grade Silicone
    • No BPA, BPS, PVC, Latex, Plastics, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium, or Formaldehyde
    • Silicone can stand -40F to +446F
    • YCS Silicone Cups

Barefoot Baking Supply Company


  • Bormioli Rocco
  • Bormioli Luigi in Hotel, Restaurant, Catering food service industry
  • Bormioli Pharma
  • Sisecam
  • Glaskomponent in Sweden
    • Mikael Larsson,
    • “We're performing glass blowing and cold processing of borosilicate glass (Duran glass) as well as quartz glass with high precision and working after ISO 9000 guidelines”
  • Ardagh
  • O-I Glass (Owens-Illinois, Inc)
    • OI manufactures Type 3 glass containers for the food and beverage industry. “The most common glass is type III, which makes up 90% of glass production worldwide. With a treatment of sulfur on the inside, type III glass transforms into type II glass. Hence, it can be readily available too. Type I is less available due to its more excessive manufacturing process, which makes it more durable.” (Type I Glass vs Type II Glass vs Type III Glass)
    • Employees
        • “OI manufactures Type 3 glass containers for the food and beverage industry. Type 1 is not in our portfolio. It is however offered by Bormioli Rocco, Bormioli Luigi in the Hotel-Resturant-Catering space. Bormioli pharma, SCHOTT and Sisecam in other sectors. Unclear about Ardagh. This list is not exhaustive.
      • Andres Lopez, CEO at O-I Glass
      • Stefan Weinmann, Director, Global Corporate & Internal Communications at O-I Glass,
      • Leslie Orozco, Enterprise Strategy Communications Leader at O-I Glass,
      • Don Delgrange,, CAD drawings
        • O-I Mason Jar Detail
      • Dale Burke, OIPS Sales & Marketing,, 5200 Tennyson Pkwy, Suite 100, Plano TX 75024, 770-689-6698,
    • History
    • “We do sell glass jars; however, our stock jars are mostly recycled glass. We can manufacture with borosilicate glass with a MOQ of 200k units. If that is something you are interested in, please let me know more about the design specifications and we can look into production options for you. ”
    • Dana Whitmire, National Sales Manager,, 512-339-7808 x202
      • 12617 Beltex Rd
      • Manor, TX 78653
    • Mr. Sameer Jain, Glassco MD
    • Gurmit Kaur,
    • Jyoti Devi,, Executive - Digital Marketing
    • Sales Glassco,

Joydeep Roy


Trade Shows

  • MyWifeQuitHerJob Ecommerce Channel by Steve Chou
    • How To Find Wholesale Suppliers in The US & China - COMPLETE Tutorial
      • - directory of all Chinese & Asian Vendors
      • Global Sources - search engine for Chinese vendors
      • Jungle Scout - to find Dick's Sporting Goods suppliers
      • S&P Global
      • panjiva
      • Canton Fair in Guangzhou China - China Import and Export Fair of all Asian vendors since 1957, held twice a year.
      • Shipping costs
      • Import Taxes
      • Duties
      • USA Sellers Permit
      • Hire Freight Forwarder
      • Hire Customs Broker

How to contact manufactures

  • Rules of Engagement with Chinese Manufacturers
    • 1. Never contact them as the boss or owner, that I'm just a buyer for the company
    • 2. Never tell them that you don't know what you are doing, project confidence and decisive
    • 3. Don't ask stupid questions
    • 4. Never tell them that you are just getting started
    • 5. If website isn't up, tell them you are selling through retail stores and small kisoks.
    • 6. Never show them an incomplete website
    • 7. Ask about minimum order quantities (MOQ)
    • 8. Know how much I'm willing to buy and how often
      • Please give me a quote for this product in 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000 unit quantities
    • 9. Always ask for samples to evaluate product quality
    • 10. What are the lead times for manufacturing?
    • 11. What are your payment terms? Typically 30% upfront and remaining upon completion
    • 12. How long have you been in business?
    • 13. How large is your facility?
    • 14. What other related products do you manfacture?
    • 15. Who are some of your existing customers in the US?
    • 16. Goal - agree on pricing structure based on volume of sales
    • 17. goal is to develop a relationship.
    • Sample Script
      • My name is Jeff Jensen and I'm a purchasing agent for Barefoot Baking Supply Co, a store in USA that sells quality kitchen goods. My company is interested in carrying many of the items that you have to offer.
      • Specifically, I would like to get pricing and availablity for the following items
        • list the items and provide photos if you have them
      • If you could send us more information as well as your product catalog, lead times for manufacturing, and minimum order quantity (MOQ) I would greatly appreciate it.


Mason Jar Models

Mason Jar History

  • Manufactures - Ball, Kerr, Atlas

Smithsonian National Museum of American History



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