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Complete set-up's to include download CNC programs, select and prepare tooling, conduct first part inspection, and make required offset changes to complete set-up. Validate that set-up machine is producing quality parts that meet specification. Operate multiple machines with typical tasks such as load & unload, visual inspection, measurement of parts to insure conformance, make necessary adjustments such as tooling and offset changes when required. Be responsible for overall quality level and production output of assigned machines. Ability to read, understand and modify G-Code machine instructions. Ability to use various precision measuring instruments. Ability to perform QA/QC functions on production parts. Working knowledge of blueprint/schematic reading. Working knowledge of machine capabilities and processes. Working skill to perform precise and detailed work. A working knowledge of SolidWorks and / or MasterCam is a plus but not required.


Civil Engineering Engineering - Computer Engineering - Electrical Mechanical Engineering

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