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SharePoint Setup

Steps to Start a Civil Engineering Project


New Project Setup

SharePoint Setup

  • C:\GISE\OneDrive - GIS Engineering\GISE - Documents\Projects (don't use this, happens when setting up synch with OneDrive)
  • C:\GISE\GIS Engineering\GISE - Documents\Projects (use this, happens when setting up synch with SharePoint)

1-AsBuilt Requests

2-copy project folder

3-Civil 3D Setup

  • update title block
  • copy sheets
    • Civil-LAS-Cover.dwg → ..\Civil\Sheets\1234-SHEET-COVER.dwg
    • Civil-LAS-Grading.dwg → ..\Civil\Sheets\1234-SHEET-GRD.dwg
    • Civil-LAS-Notes.dwg → ..\Civil\Sheets\1234-SHEET-NOTE.dwg
    • Civil-LAS-PlanProfile.dwg → ..\Civil\Sheets\1234-PP.dwg
    • Civil-LAS-Site.dwg → ..\Civil\Sheets\1234-SHEET-SITE.dwg
    • Civil-LAS-Traffic.dwg → ..\Civil\Sheets\1234-SHEET-SITE.dwg
    • Civil-LAS-Utilities.dwg → ..\Civil\Sheets\1234-SHEET-UTIL.dwg
  • setup Sheet Set Manager (SSM)

AutoCAD Civil 3D Settings

  • GRAPHICSCONFIG - turn off if not using AutoCAD approved video card. Might have issues with GRADING if turned on. Recommended by Francis at REC (8/2/2021)

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