Early Grading Permit

  • Allows the developer to start grading the site after the drainage study is approved and before the building permit is approved. See Title 30 of the Clark County Code, Section 30.32.040 (a)(4)
  • Review time is about 1 week.
  • Turn in to Public Works Front Counter on 1st Floor, same place turn in drainage studies. No fees collected. Will then get routed internally to Debi Leigh
    1. Option 1: on-site grading with no offsites
    2. Option 2: \$5,000,000 Grading Agreement (this is one Debi Leigh says to use)
    3. Option 3: grading under offsites HTE Number

Submittal Form

  1. Submittal Sheet Drainage Study, select Grading option
    1. need grading permit application number (PAC#) from Building Department
  2. Drainage Study approval letter and grading plan redlines
    1. NDOT concurrence must be obtained prior to approval of early grading permit
  3. Grading and Detail Mylars or Bond (think only needed if offsite improvements)
  4. Grading Agreement - signed and notarized by Developer
  5. Corporation Documents showing who is authorized to sign - think this only applies if property is owned by a trust
    1. must have printed name next to signature
    2. name of corporation/LLC must be typed/written below signature


  • Once approved and signed by Debi Leigh, grading plan will be internally routed to building department and original scanned/archived. Then will be given to the ladies in the front counter (Jeri) for pickup.

Building Department Requirements

  • contact Scott Telford, telfords@clarkcountynv.gov

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