Development Workflow

Development Workflow for Clark County Nevada from a Civil Engineer's Perspective

  • Clark County Development Process
  • Step 01 - Owner/Developer Proposed Site Plan - hire Architect
  • Step 02 - Feasibility Study
  • Step 02 - Topographic Survey
  • Step 03 - Presubmittal Application
  • Step 04 - Land Use Application
    • get Notice of Final Action
  • Step 05 - Tentative Map
    • get Notice of Final Action
  • Step 06 - Drainage Study
  • Step 06b - Structural (flood walls, flood control structures) reviewed by CCRFCD
  • Step 07 - Traffic Study/Mitigation
  • Step 08 - On-site or Early Grading (optional)
  • Step 09 - Offsite Improvement Plans
  • Step 10 - Final Map Technical Review
  • Step 11 - Administrative Waivers
  • Step 12 - Building Permit
  • Step 13 - Inspections - Public Works
    • Bond release
  • Step 14 - Inspections - Building
  • Step 15 - Compliance
  • References


  1. obtain Title Report
    1. BLM Patent Easement
    2. NV Energy Easement
  2. hire Architect
    1. Site Plan
    2. First Floor Plan
    3. Color Elevations
  3. hire Landscape Architect
    1. need landscape plan for pre-submittal application
  4. hire Surveyor
    1. topographic survey
    2. survey control plans (different from horizontal control plans done by Civil Engineer)
    3. boundary line
    4. elevation benchmarks
    5. Sewer Manholes in Stateplane Coordinates
    6. Surveying Firms
      1. LR Nelson -
        1. Brett K. Jefferson, mobile 702-461-2996,
        2. Michael Smith,
  5. hire Civil Engineer
    1. Signed Contract
      1. Cover Sheet
      2. General Notes Sheet
      3. Horizontal Control Plans
      4. Grading Plan (onsite)
      5. Offsite Improvement Plans
      6. Traffic/Pavement Markings Plan
      7. Studies
        1. Feasibility Study
        2. Drainage Study
          1. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and BMPs
        3. Traffic Study
  6. hire Geotechnical Engineer
    1. Soils Report
    2. DuPont Engineering, Inc.
      1. Lynn DuPont, Office Manager, 702-622-9296,
      2. David DuPont, 702-591-2096,
  7. obtain insurance
    1. Client liability insurance when posting Bond

Step02-Feasibility Study and As-Built Request

  1. County Recorder - easement research from Title Report
  2. CCWRD map request showing general area of sewer facilities
    1. email with APN
  3. As-Built/Record Drawing Request
    1. Southwest Gas
    2. CCWRD - Point of Connection Request on PIPES portal, will sewer line need to be extended to site?
    3. LVVWD As-Builts Request. will water line need to be extended to site?
    4. Clark County Building Records
      1. Special Improvement District
      2. Storm Drain
      3. Roadway Profile
      4. Drainage Studies
      5. Traffic Studies
    5. NV Energy
    6. Cox Communications
    7. Sprint

City of Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas Building Permit

  • Architecture Plan
  • Application Form
  • Structural Truss, TJI
  • Electrical Plan
  • Structural Plan
  • Mechanical Plan
  • Plumbing Plan
  • Structural Calculations
  • Soils Report
  • Desert Conservation Program Form

North Las Vegas

Clark County Water Reclamation District

  • CCWRD Development Services
    • Maps and Plans Request
  • CCWRD Web Map
  • Request Sewer Web Map -
    • Cesar Costelo, Assistant Engineer

City of Henderson

  • Development Services
    • Topher Barnes, Development Services Manager,, 702-267-3613
    • Help -
    • Records Request
      • Water Lines
      • Sewer Lines
      • Storm Drains
      • Roadway Plan and Profile (Offsite)
      • Traffic Studies
      • Drainage Studies
    • DSC Online Login email: password: WWOnew
    • Email Records Request to ,, 702-267-3700, takes 7-10 days processing
      • Christina Tuenge, Archives & Records Technician II,
      • Sindatuk “Sin” Ulama
      • Office Hours Mon-Thurs 7:30-5:30pm
  • Henderson Utilities - request HGL, Water Point of Connection, Sewer Point of Connection
  • Utility Coordination
    • Jamie, Plan Review
    • Lance Olson -, 702-267-3033 - Assistant Public Works Director
  • Kiteworks - download files
    • NormalOneX
    • GoneX
    • L general cadd 1990X

Henderson Water

  • The Water District asks the engineer to supply them with proof that a certain person has legal authority to sign for the legal owner, usually called 'vesting documents', articles of incorporation and such. The reason for this is because the Water District will be writing up what amounts to a contract between the Water District and the Owner, called the 'Agreement' that is to be notarized. This is not the Developer. The Developer does not normally have the authority to sign for the Owner who will be responsible for paying the water bills in the future.

Water Atlas

  • Water Atlas

Sewer Atlas

  • Sewer Atlas

Storm Drain Atlas

  • Storm Drain Atlas


Topographic Survey of Site

  • Survey
    • Existing/Natural Ground
    • Utilities
    • Found survey monuments or benchmarks (z, elevation)
  • CAD Notes
    • Basis of bearing
    • Benchmark
    • Legal Description

Step03-Presubmittal Application

City of North Las Vegas

  • Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal -
    • L general cadd 1990
    • login help - Stephanie Frederick,, 702-633-1561
  • PSR Shared drive E-Rick Engineering Company - using
    • setup by Stephanie Frederick,
    • Stephani Ford,, CLV Land Development Processor, 702-633-1564
    • Google Shared Drive
  • North Las Vegas Pre-Submittal Review Request Form
    • “Prior to formal submittal of civil improvement plans, contact the Land Development Coordinator to schedule a pre-submittal meeting. A project leader will be assigned to your project and will be the point of contact for the civil plans to aid the developer/engineer in a successful review and timely approval of the civil design of the site. Please note that both the developer and the stamping engineer for the project must attend the pre-submittal meeting. The redlined plan sets generated at this meeting are required to be included in the submittal packet for the civil improvement plans.”
    • Pre-Submittal Review Request Form
    • email form to Duane McNelly and
    • Drainage Study Waiver must be approved by Dan Le ( prior to the Pre-Submittal Review approval
  • NLV Application Packet
  • NLV Chapter 17.24.010 - Site Dimensional Standards

References and Contacts

  • Summer Roybal - Planning Assistant,
  • Sharianne Dotson,
  • Duane McNelly,, 702-633-2312
    • assigns the Project Leader
  • Amy R. Michaels, Principal Planner,, 702-633-2202
    • Amy said NLV does NOT issue a “preliminary review letter”, she says she doesn't have the staff to do that.
  • Gary Hancock, City Surveyor,, 702-633-1310

Clark County

Pre01-PreSubmittal Form
















References and Contacts

  • Administration
    • Sami Real, Current Planning - Planning Manager,, 702-455-3129. Formerly with County of San Diego.
  • Advanced Planning
    • Garrett TerBerg - Principal Planner,, 702-455-5617
  • Current Planning
    • Jared Tasko - Principal Planner,, 702-455-5620
  • Plans Check
    • Maria Kaseko - Building Plan Exam Specialist,, 702-455-1432


Commercial/Industrial Development

Land Use Application

  • Land Use Application with Clark County Department of Comprehensive Planning
  • County's Citizen Access Portal (ACA) L general cadd 1990
  • Administrative Design Review
    • Zoning Administrator will recommend staff approval or denial
    • Takes up to 10 days after application is “Submitted”
  • Town Advisory Board or Citizens' Advisory Council (TAB/CAC)
  • Clark County Planning Commission
  • Board of County Commissioners
  • Notice of Final Action (NOFA)
    • list the conditions of approval
    • “All conditions must be met prior to the issuance of a building permit, business license, and/or certificate of completion/occupancy.”
    • “If a tentative map and/or vacation, all conditions must be met before a map and/or order of vacation can record.”

Land Use Application Research

Land Use Application Submittal Requirements

  • Land Use Document Submittal Requirements


LU-02-Disclosure Form

LU-03-Fire Permit Survey Form

LU-04-Assessor Map


LU-07-Justification Letter

LU-08-Site Plans

LU-09-Site Plans - Floor Plans

LU-10-Site Plans - Elevations

LU-11-Landscape Plan

LU-12-Parking Analysis

LU-13-Cross Section


LU-15-Grading Plans

LU-16-Hazardous Materials

LU-17-Aviation Submittal

LU-18-Record of Survey

LU-19-Residential Impact Statement

LU-20-Project Description

LU-21-Certified Evidence of Separation

LU-22-Traffic Impact Analysis

  • required for a resort hotel or a High Impact Project

LU-23-RISE Reports

LU-24-Concurrence from a Member of the Board

Step05-Tentative North Las Vegas

NLV Tentative Map Checklist

  • NLV Tentative Map Checklist

Check01-Name Proposed Subdivision

  • add to Title block
    • “Ponderosa & Mohawk - A Residential Subdivision”


  • A legend clarifying all markings and lines delineated on the map

Check03-Date Scalebar North Arrow

  • Date of preparation, scale and a north arrow

Check04-Owner and Engineer

  • Title Block
    • Rick Engineering address
    • Developer address
  • Owner Note
    • APN: 163-36-601-015
    • 11550 ASPENDELL WAY
    • SAN DIEGO CA 92131
  • Developer Note
    • LENNAR
    • HENDERSON NV 89074
    • 702-821-4651
  • Sufficient legal description of the land which identifies the location, including exterior subdivision boundary dimensions and acreage to the one-hundredth


  • Present zoning of proposed subdivision
  • Existing Zoning: R-E Rural Estates Residential
  • Proposed Zoning: R-1 Single Family Residential District

Check07-Adjacent Parcels

  • Names of adjacent subdivisions, including lot and block numbers
  • APN: 163-36-601-031
  • R-E/OP

Check08-Site Map

  • Proposed subdivision in its entirety at a scale suitable to present all information clearly and legibly
  • Site Map scale to show entire subdivision, might be 1“=100'

Check14-Water Main

  • Locations and sizes of existing and proposed water mains. Note: if individual water wells are to be used in the subdivision, a statement shall be made on the tentative subdivision map as to the status of the requirements of the Division of Water Resources
  • label Point of Connection (POC)
  • EX 8” PVC W
  • EX 8“ PVC WATER HTE:05-20880 (PZ 2538)

Check19-Building Footprint

  • Locations and outlines of each existing structure within the proposed subdivision, noting whether or not such structures are to be moved or will remain within the development. Other physical features which could influence the layout or design of the subdivision shall be identified.
  • Existing Building Footprint
  • Verify Architect building footprint meets minimum setback requirements
  • Residential driveways shall have a minimum width of ten (10) feet (NLV Code 17.24.040.C.5.b.iii)
  • “A standard two-car garage configuration shall have a minimum unobstructed open space with dimensions of twenty (20) feet by twenty (20) feet, except for two-foot protrusions into this space by utility systems and storage units.” (NLV Code 17.24.040.C.6.a.ii.(A))

Check22-PE Stamp

  • Tentative map shall be prepared, stamped and signed by an engineer licensed in the State of Nevada

NLV Zoning

Step05-Tentative Map - Las Vegas

CLV Pre-Application Conference

CLV Tentative Map Submittal Requirements

3-Tentative Map Checklist

  • “The Checklist must be signed by a Public Works Representative before submittal of the application.”

Step05-Tentative Map - Clark County

Tentative Map Requirements

  • Tentative Map Requirements














  • Record of Survey required for project fronting Las Vegas Blvd South



TM Examples

  • Ponderosa & Mohawk


Clark County Drainage Review Group

  • Layne Weber, Principal Engineer, 702-455-4856,
  • Wade Gerstenkorn, Associate Engineer, 702-455-4899,
  • Crissy Riland, Senior Engineer, 702-455-3254,
  • Brian Churchill, Senior Engineer, 702-455-4618,
  • Patrick Robinson, Senior Engineer, 702-455-4630,
  • Ernie Corn, Senior Engineer, 702-455-6399,
  • Jorge Orozco, Plan Checker, 702-455-6384,
  • Development Review - Records Department
    • Miriam Sanchez,, 702-455-4605
  • Front Desk Staff

Regional Flood Control District

  • Andrew Trelease,


Step06c-Permission to Grade

  • Research ownership
  • Tetra Tech permission to grade example
    • Tetra Tech Permission to Grade Letter
    • Tetra Tech Permission to Grade Exhibit


  • Street Light Circuit Capacity Verification for Circuit
  • If project generates less than the 50 trips per peak hour threshold, then no traffic mitigation fee is required
  • Clark County Title 30, Section 52.055 Developer's mitigation fee
    • \$150/trip x 37 trips = $5,500


  • Clark County Department of Public Works - Development Review Division (DRD)
    • Kent Chang, PE - Associate Engineer,, 702-455-6116
    • Denise Lemoine, PE - 702-455-6100

Step08-Geotechnical Report

  • David DuPont with DuPont Engineering, Inc
    • 8349 Shady Lady Court, Las Vegas NV 89131
    • 702-364-5099, Fax 702-554-5450
    • works with Chi at Infinity Engineers, Zone

Step08-Early Grading

Step09-Offsite and Utilities

City of North Las Vegas

Bond and Fee Estimate


  • Signatures
    • Owner's Certificate - Director of Real Property Management
    • Notary
    • Surveyor's Certificate - stamp
    • Approvals
      • Nevada Power Company
      • Central Telephone Company
      • Southwest Gas Corporation
      • Las Vegas Valley Water District
      • Cox Communication Las Vegas, Inc
      • Clark County Fire Department
    • County Surveyor's Certificate - James L. Marlett Jr.
    • Zoning Administrator Approval
      • “Approved by the Clark County Zoning Administrator in conformity with the tentative map and all conditions of approval”
    • Division of Water Resources
    • District Board of Health Certificate
  • Major Subdivision Mylar Checklist

Final Map - Commercial Subdivision

A One Lot Commercial Subdivision


  • CCPW
    • Submit after drainage study approval but prior to Offsite approval.
    • Waiver needs Offsite number to be reviewed by Public Works or the PAC number to be reviewed by Debi L.

Finish Floor Waiver - Justification Letter

  • Finish Floor Waiver - Justification Letter


Boulder City

  • Jim Keane, PE - City Engineer, 702-293-9200,

City of Henderson

  • Plot and Grading Plan for single family residence
    • civil plans are submitted with the architectural plans directly to the Building Department
    • If the sewer and water main exists in the public right of way, the a utility plan is NOT required to show the lateral.
    • Civil Improvements Contact
      •, 702-267-3680
      • Topher Barnes, Development Services Center Manager,, 702-267-3613
    • Desert Conservation Form

Clark County Building Dept

  • Contacts
    • Plan Submittal,, 702-455-8972
    • Pre-submittal Appointment,
      • Markie Dixon responds to this email address
    • Customer Service,
    • Tech System Support - Dev. Services,
      • Valarie - Tech Support, 702-455-3024
    • Danielle Weible, Plans Submittal Supervisor -, 702-455-2870
    • Shannon McEwen, Assistant Manager,
    • Werner Hellmer, Manager of Plans Examination,

Commercial Grading Permit




  • Certificate of Compliance - Landscaping/Development (Zoning) Code & Conditions of Approval

Step16-Will Serve Letter

Step17-Certificate of Occupancy

Step18-Water Commitment


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