Creating and Selling Courses Online

  • Scenario-01 - DIY Machining
  • Scenario-02 - Cindy's Life Coaching
  • Scenario-03 - Civil Design
  • Scenario-04 - Woodworking Projects - Tracy

Learning Management System

  • Build Courses
  • Sell Courses

Membership/Subscription Management

Student Portfolio

  • MemberPress Login and User Account
  • Want the ability for students to showcase their work
  • Add profile picture
  • Add links to LinkedIn
  • Contact info - name, address, email, phone#

Email Marketing

Booking Software

Course Creation Software


  • Courses addon to create and sell online courses

Restrict Content Pro

WooCommerce Memberships by SkyVerge




  • Build quizzes and exams
  • Front end user profiles - easily track the activities of their course
  • Course Building - LMS to create and sell your own courses
  • Excellent knowledge base

Course Sites by Blackboard

  • Course Sites login with Windows Live creditials
  • No restriction on file sizes (Edmodo largest file size is 100MB)
  • Videos - With Edmodo, the students have to download the video, then use Windows Media Player to watch it, Edmodo No Embed Video Option, so it appears this will slow the network down. How can the videos be streamed?

  • YouTube Downloader - will download the videos and no conversion needed. It appears you cannot download HD quality videos but need to double check this.
  • Older procedure
  • 1. install Internet Explorer
  • 2. install RealPlayer cloud edition
  • 3. enable Tools ? Internet Options ? Programs ? Manage Add-ons ? enable <i>RealNetworks Download and Record Plugin for Internet Explorer</i>
  • 4. sign in to RealPlayer. Troubleshooting - Download This Video option does not appear
  • 5. browse to video you want to download on using IE
  • 6. default download location is C:UsersstudentVideosRealPlayer Downloads
  • 6. rename the downloaded file using Windows File Explorer. Do not rename the file using Real Player as it doesn't rename the actual .mp4 file.
  • 7. use Format Factory to convert from .mp4 to .avi
  • 8.

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