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 +==== Manufacturing Processes ====
 +=== Casting ===
 +  * "There are several different types of castings, such as sand castings, die castings, and investment castings. With each process, molten metal is poured into a part cavity where it solidifies as it cools. Casting can economically produce near-net-shape parts requiring minimal secondary machining operations. The design of cast parts includes details such as drafts, fillets, rounds and parting lines. The casting process itself may produce flash and other artifacts of the casting process - not desired features of the final part, but ones which must be dealt with." (Hammer'​s Blueprint Reading Basics, 4th, p. 310)
 ==== Surveys ===== ==== Surveys =====
   * Survey on Coating Treatment for Metals ([[https://​forms.office.com/​Pages/​ResponsePage.aspx?​id=PzniMfriL0SYYKEYCtoMdVV2K5vE7llIrIPRy8ExXGhUMzZJR1Y4NFBGMkZCVjlSNTkzOEZSQ0VQSi4u|link]])   * Survey on Coating Treatment for Metals ([[https://​forms.office.com/​Pages/​ResponsePage.aspx?​id=PzniMfriL0SYYKEYCtoMdVV2K5vE7llIrIPRy8ExXGhUMzZJR1Y4NFBGMkZCVjlSNTkzOEZSQ0VQSi4u|link]])

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