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   * L - at least material condition (LMC) or at least material boundary   * L - at least material condition (LMC) or at least material boundary
   * {{engineer-mechanical:​inventor-dimensions:​gdnt-symbols.jpg?​600|GD&​T Symbols}}   * {{engineer-mechanical:​inventor-dimensions:​gdnt-symbols.jpg?​600|GD&​T Symbols}}
 +==== Basic Dimensions ====
 +  * Basic dimensions have no tolerances, and they describe the intended geometry of the part. They are enclosed in a box.
 +==== Features ====
 +  * Parts are made up of features. Features can be divided into two classes 1) size and 2) surfaces
 +==== Bonus Tolerance ====
 +  * In some cases, the geometric tolerance given in a feature control frame can actually be made larger during inspection, allowing more variation than the print would seem to indicate.
 +  * The difference between the actual produced size and the material condition
 ==== Reference Dimensions ==== ==== Reference Dimensions ====
   * 1.7.6 Reference Dimensions   * 1.7.6 Reference Dimensions

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