Reading Manufacturing Prints

  • Types of Drawings
  • Projection
  • Perspective
  • Parallel
  • Orthographic
  • Single-View Projections
  • Multi-View Projections
  • Third-Angle Projection
  • First-Angle Projection
  • Interpretation

ASME Y14.5-2009 Dimensioning Tolerancing

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Objective of GD&T

  • Both numeric tolerances and geometric/shape tolerances are shown on industrial prints
  • Envelope Principle
    • “Unless otherwise specified, the limits of size of a feature prescribe the extent within which variations of geometric form, as well as size, are allowed. This control applies solely to individual regular features of size as defined in the standard.” (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) Fundamentals by Ray Wheeler,

Reference Dimensions

  • 1.7.6 Reference Dimensions
    • “The method for identifying a reference dimension (or reference data) on drawings is to enclose the dimension (or data) within parentheses. See Figs. 1-19 and 1-20” (ASME Y14.5-2009, p. 13)
    • ASME Reference Dimensions

Inventor 2018 Annotations and Tolerance Features

  • Tolerances in Model
    • Benefits - export to STEP version 242 will save the tolerances. This is the future and should be a reality in 2022.
    • Cons
      • cumbersome, recommend just adding the tolerance to a dimension in the drawing, that is manually draw the dimension instead of doing the Retrieve Dimensions which is messy.
  • GD&T Interpretations


  • Sketch Dimensions vs Drawing Dimensions
    • How do you add diameter symbols, units, descriptive text to a sketch dimension?
    • How do you change the sketch dimension size > Application Options > General tab > Annotation scale
  • Can enter mixed-unit formulas in a dimension. 3.25 ft - 1 m + 3 cm + 0.125 in = 23.775 mm (see Autodesk University MA2822: 60 Inventor Tips in 60 Minutes, Tip#38)
  • Show Dimensions from the Model Browser Window
    • Figure 1-0 Nail box handle with Dimensions

Sketch Dimensions

  • Arc Length Dimension - when dimensioning an arc, have the right click option to assign a dimension type of radius, diameter or arc length.
    • Figure 2-0 Sketch Dimension - Arc Length
    • Figure 3-0 Sketch Dimensions Video on Arc Length
  • Autodesk Inventor 2014 Help - Create arc in sketch
  • Autodesk Inventor 2014 Help - Sketch Dimension Reference

Drawing Dimensions

Dimension Isometric Views

Dimension Isometric Views Chamfer


Style and Standard Editor

  • Ribbon: Manage tab → Style and Standards panel → Styles Editor
    • Text → Label Text (ANSI)
      • Font: Arial Narrow (default is Tahoma with text height 0.180“)
    • Text → Note Text (ANSI)
      • Font: Arial Narrow (default is Tahoma with text height 0.120”)
      • Note: Dimension → Default (ANSI) → Text tab primary text style is Note Text(ANSI)

User Defined Symbols

  • Autodesk Inventor 2015 Help - Sketched symbols
    • “You can create sketched symbols in a drawing or a drawing template. Symbols created in a drawing are available only in that document, but symbols created in a template are available to all drawings based on that template.”
    • “Sketched symbols with a leader attached to a model are associated with model properties. If a leader is deleted, the symbol loses its model association, but restoring the leader can recreate the association. Instead of deleting a leader, consider turning off its visibility. Invisible leaders retain symbol association with model properties.”

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