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   * Reference   * Reference
   * [[http://​help.autodesk.com/​view/​INVNTOR/​2014/​ENU/?​guid=GUID-3E219D74-FB40-4066-AE88-A872D3118EDE|Change linetype of sketch geometry]]   * [[http://​help.autodesk.com/​view/​INVNTOR/​2014/​ENU/?​guid=GUID-3E219D74-FB40-4066-AE88-A872D3118EDE|Change linetype of sketch geometry]]
 +===== Autodesk Inventor Team =====
 +  * Jim Byrne is the Autodesk Inventor Product Manager, jim.byrne@autodesk.com
 +  * Johnson Shiue, johnson.shiue@autodesk.com is familiar with [[https://​apps.autodesk.com/​INVNTOR/​en/​Detail/​Index?​id=2540506896683021779&​appLang=en&​os=Win64|threadModeler app]]

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