Advance Part Modeling in Inventor

Derived Parts

  • Reference existing parts and assemblies as base components that can then be modified.
  • Think of manually machining a workpiece on a lathe. The original round would be the base component and the modifications who be the different machining steps.
    • A Casting blank can be machined several different ways
    • Derived parts and assemblies are useful for controlling changes to models

Drawing From Derived Parts

  • Step 1 - create raw stock say 1“ round, save as Lathe1stProject-01.ipt
  • Step 2 - create new part, save as Lathe1stProject-02.ipt
  • Step 3 - Manage → Insert panel - Derive
  • Step 4 - make edits
  • Insert each derived part as base drawings
  • Note, AutoCAD can insert Base View → From Inventor (cool!!!)

Simplified Part

  • convert an assembly into a single part


  • Assemble tab → Components Panel → Shrinkwrap
  • removes detail
  • surface part, light weight .ipt


  • Goal is to create a 3D printed part with a knurled surface
  • Inventor 2019 doesn't have a built in Knurling Tool, have to make them manual, similar to cutting threads. Note a thread profile is the same plane as the longitudinal profile whereas the knurl profile is normal to the coil path.
  • Step 1 - create the round workpiece
  • Step 2 - draw the knurl profile, need to extend beyond the end of the knurl
  • Step 3 - coil
    • Pitch 4” means the coil will do one revolution at a height of 4“
      • Then if Height is enter as 2”, the the coil will do half a revolution
      • If Height is entered as 4“, then the coil will do two revolutions
    • Output surface
    • Revolution and height = TPI
  • Step 4 - circular pattern copy
  • Step 5 - mirror

Multi-Body Parts

  • When working with multi-body parts, need to select the solid body (Solids button). Example
  • Extrude with New Solid option
    • Extrude New Solid Body
  • Extrude - select Solid body
    • Extrude Select Solid Body

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