American National Standard Running and Slide Fits

  • RC = Running or Sliding Clearance Fit
  • LC = Locational Clearance Fit
  • LT = Transition Clearance or Interference Fit
  • LN = Locational Interference Fit
  • FN = Force or Shrink Fit
  • American National Standard ANSI B4.1-1967 (R1987) Class RC2
    • RC 2 Sliding fits are intended for accurate location, but with greater maximum clearance than class RC 1. Parts made to this fit move and turn easily but are not intended to run freely, and in the larger sizes may seize with small temperature changes. (Shop Reference for Students and Apprentices, 2nd p. 211)



  • cut 4“ length male
  • cut 3” length female, 1.75“ diameter
  • drill
  • bore
    • check carbide bit is in line with live center
  • face
  • turn outer diameter
  • flip
  • saw off
  • face
  • clean and deburr

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