Workbench Items

Woodworking Tools


Wood Supplies

  • Lowes - don't use, only have a panel saw (no radial arm saw) and don't allow project cuts, can only cut wood so it fits in a vehicle
  • Home Depot
    • Has both radial arm saw and panel saw
    • MDF Panel (3/4” x 4' x 8') cost \$31.95 Home Depot MDF Panel

Workbench Covering

  • How do I keep my workbench clean when I need to glue, stain, paint etc work pieces?

Ergonomic Design

Shop Vac


  • shopnotes-issue13-sawhorse-p29.png
  • Figure 1-0 ShopNotes - Sawhorse
  • Next Level Carpentry

Workbench Top

  • Figure 1-0 ShopNotes - Mount Bench Top

Compound Cut

  • Figure 1-0 ShopNotes - Compound Cut with Wood Wizard

Dust Collection


Dust Mask

Built in Cabinets

  • 14' wide x 9' tall - existing space in living room that needs a built in cabinet
  • Living Room 14' wide by 9' tall
  • Black Built in Cabinets
  • White Built in Cabinets

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