CAD Standards

  • Drawing Naming Convention
    • GISE\Projects\YY###_ProjName\Civil\YY###_UTIL.dwg
  • Layers (CU = Civil Utilities)
    • CU-FIRE, Civil Utilities: Fire protection, “REC_FIRE_SERVICE”, Color 3. Lineweight 0.012
    • CU-FIRE-E, Civil Utilities: Fire protection: Existing, “REC_FIRE SERVICE-E”, Color 8, Lineweight Default
    • CU-SSWR, Civil Utilities: Sanitary Sewer, “REC_SEWER SANITARY”, Color 3, Lineweight 0.012
    • CU-SSWR-E, Civil Utilities: Sanitary Sewer: Existing, “REC_SEWER SANITARY-E”, Color 8, Lineweight Default
    • CU-WATR, Civil Utilities: Water Supply, REC_WATER, Color 3, Lineweight 0.012
    • CU-WATR-E, Civil Utilities: Water Supply: Existing, “REC_WATER-E”, Color 8, Lineweight Default

Utility Location in Right of Way


Fire Hydrant

Water Pipe Drafting

Water Pipe Fittings

Water Main and Fittings

  • PVC Joint Deflection 1°
  • 11.25° Fitting - 8" x 11.25 degree
  • 22.5° Fitting
  • 30° Fitting
  • 45° Fitting

Locating Wire

  • Locating Wire
    • ISPWC SD-401 shows on lateral connections to water main
    • ISPWC SD-404 shows on lateral connections to fire hydrants
    • ISPWC Section 404 - Water Service Line and Meters. Part 2 Materials. 2.4.F Locating wire

Abandon Lines and Valves

Water Main Crossing - Storm Drain or Sanitary Sewer

  • UDACS Plate No. 15 - Storm Drain or Sanitary Sewer Water Main Crossing
  • UDACS Plate No. 16 - Casing Installation
  • ISPWC SD-407 - Potable and Non-potable Water Line (NPWL) Separation

City of Jerome

  • allow parallel mains? East Ave F and I going to abandon 4“ line, could we just install another 4” or we trying to upgrade to min 8“ main size?
    • ISPWC Division 400 - Water - 3.2 Parallel Installations
  • When do you use a water manhole?
  • detail on lateral connections?
    • “Corporation stops shall be male iron pipe thread by compression or flared connection. A corporation stop shall be installed at the water main for all service laterals two (2) inches and smaller.” (UDACS 3.22.02 Lateral Installation B.)
  • Does lateral size have to be the same as the meter size? Is there a minimum lateral diameter?
    • UDACS 3.22.02 C. ”… in no case shall the lateral diameter be less than one (1) inch.“

Lateral Connections and Taps

  • Mueller Corporation Stop - Ball Type
    • Mueller or “CC” taper thread
    • Figure 1-0 Mueller Ball Corporation Stop
  • Stainless Steel Saddle
    • Figure 1-0 Mueller Stainless Steel Service Saddle
  • Mueller H-15072
    • Figure 1-0 Mueller H-15072 required by ISPWC - Water Service Connection (3/4" - 1") STD DWG SD-401
  • Fire Hydrants use a 6” diameter lateral pipe (ISPWC Fire Hydrant Detail, Std Dwg No. SD-404)
  • ISPWC Division 400 - Water - Part 2 Materials - 2.4 Appurtenances - B. Corporation Stops

Fire Hydrants

  • Fire Hydrant Installation - UDACS Plate No. 7 Sheet 2 of 3 shows horizontal location in relationship to right-of-way and curb-n-gutter.
  • “Hydrants must be located a minimum of 6 feet away from the beginning of a turning radius.” (UDACS Plate No. 7 Sheet 3 of 3)
  • For non-sprinklered Commercial buildings, a fire hose must be able to touch the building perimeter from the hydrant.
  • 2015 International Fire Code Chapter 5 - Fire Service Features
    • 507.5 Fire hydrant systems
      • 507.5.1 Where required. “Where a portion of the facility or building hereafter constructed or moved into or within the jurisdiction is more than 400 feet (122 m) from a hydrant on a fire apparatus access road, as measured by an approved route around the exterior of the facility or building, on-site fire hydrants and mains shall be provided where required by the fire code official.”

City of Las Vegas - Sewer

  • City of Las Vegas Sewer
    • Raul Santiago, 702-229-3224,
    • Tim Parks,
    • Joe Pena, Senior Engineering Associate, (request GIS Sewer Map)
    • Dominic Panaligan,
  • City of Las Vegas Sewer 1of3

Clark County Water Reclamation District

CCWRD General Notes

CCWRD Service Rules

City of North Las Vegas

* Sewer/Water Line Plan Review Submittal Application * Single-Family Residence Submittal Application and Checklist * Water Service Application Fee per CNLV Rate Schedule

  • 'Water Service Application Fee' shall mean a non-refundable fee required of all applicants for water service at the time water plans are submitted for review, or at the time application for service is made if water plans are not required. The fee is based on the size of the meter to be installed (except for multi-family residential where it is based on the number of dwelling units) and is intended to offset administrative costs such as those associated with plans review, system modeling and consultant services. The fee is non-refundable, valid for two (2) years from the time of payment, and may be applied to revisions up to the time of water plan approval. The application fee is required for the reactivation of a service classified as deserted, a temporary service, or an interim service.“ (Water Service Rules and Regulations)

CNLV Wastewater Main Connection Fees

City of Henderson


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