Duties and Responsibilities

  • Use Civil 3D to import field survey data and create topographic maps/plans
  • STAR*NET 8 for survey networks
    • 1107 - Combining Data with STAR*NET. work with multiple sources of data and its ability to provide properly balanced solutions regardless of the age and origin of your data. During this workshop we will concentrate on strategies for combining GNSS, TPS and levelling data, while giving you full control over which type of data to hold to for different dimensions. Brian Sloman - Development Manager, MicroSurvey Software Inc.
  • Boundary analysis calculations
  • Layout of ALTA Survey map sheets
  • Layout of record map sheets (Final Maps, Parcel Maps & Records of Survey)
  • Layout of Final map and Parcel Map signature sheets
  • Draft legal descriptions and layout exhibit maps
  • Prepare Staking Plans and Calculations for Field Crews
  • Prepare As-Staked Exhibits and Cut Sheets from Field Data
  • Assist Land Survey Manager in preparation of project budgets and schedules
  • Ensure all projects are completed with respect to the company policy and production standards
  • Keep Project Manager, Field and or Office Coordinator informed on status of all assigned projects and tasks.

Civil Engineering Engineering - Computer Engineering - Electrical Mechanical Engineering

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