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 +  * [[http://​engineersandsurveyors.wyo.gov/​contact-us|Wyoming Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors]]
 +    * [[http://​www.uwyo.edu/​uwlicensing/​licensing-applications/​index.html|Bucking Horse and Rider trademark licensing]]
 +    * {{engineer-civil:​stamp-wy:​wyoming-pe-seal-law.png?​600|PE Stamp Rules - Wyoming}}
 +    * 3/1/2017 emailed wyopepls@wyo.gov
 +    * 3/2/2017 reply from Troy Niesen, wyopepls@wyo.gov,​ 307-777-6155
 +    * <​code>​
 +PE Stamp font and diameter
 +Hello Wyoming Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors,
 +I got your contact info from http://​engineersandsurveyors.wyo.gov/​
 +May I get the design information (e.g. font and size, diameter of stamp, state administrative code reference, etc.) of your authorized PE stamp? I'm in the process of creating a design document for each PE stamp in the USA. For your reference, I've attached a copy of Nevada PE Stamp design drawing.
 +thanks for your help,
 +Jeff Jensen
 ===== Wyoming Bucking Horse and Rider ===== ===== Wyoming Bucking Horse and Rider =====
   * {{engineer-civil:​stamp-wy:​wyoming-bhr.jpg?​400|Wyoming Bucking Horse and Rider}}   * {{engineer-civil:​stamp-wy:​wyoming-bhr.jpg?​400|Wyoming Bucking Horse and Rider}}

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