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     * [[http://​pw.udot.utah.gov/​ActiveSearchASPAppl/​Show.aspx?​docGUID=0113da31-6d04-4248-b329-e8f18d6de977|Plan Sheet Development Standards]]     * [[http://​pw.udot.utah.gov/​ActiveSearchASPAppl/​Show.aspx?​docGUID=0113da31-6d04-4248-b329-e8f18d6de977|Plan Sheet Development Standards]]
   * {{engineer-civil:​stamp-ut:​pestamp-ut-udot.png|Utah PE Stamp Detail Drawing from UDOT}}   * {{engineer-civil:​stamp-ut:​pestamp-ut-udot.png|Utah PE Stamp Detail Drawing from UDOT}}
 +  * {{engineer-civil:​stamp-ut:​pestamp-ut-udot-pls.png|Utah PLS Stamp Detail Drawing from UDOT on sheet SC-01}}
 ===== Naming Convention ===== ===== Naming Convention =====
   * Online repository of stamps   * Online repository of stamps

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