Civil 3D Pipes Network

  1. Pipe Network - not alignment, select all existing
  2. How do you change pipe direction
  • Create Pipe Network from Object

Civil 3D Sewer Layers

  • C3D Sewer Layers

Civil 3D Manhole Structures

Sewer Manholes

  • “The drop across the cast-in-place or pre-cast manhole invert shall be 0.2 ft minimum” (DCSWCS 2.3.19 Manholes and Manhole Appurtenances)
  • CCWRD Manhole Inverts
  • Install a manhole on existing sewer main. The incoming new sewer main must have invert elevation (2450.30') must 0.2' higher than existing inverts (2450.10')
    • Sewer Manhole Inverts

Sewer Manhole Max Distance Between

  • DCSWCS 3rd - 2.3.17 Maximum Distance Between Manholes, p 2-21
  • Sewer Manhole Max Distance Between

Sewer Mains

Connect New Main to Existing Manhole

    • 2.3.8.D. New sewers to existing manholes:
      • The base of the manhole shall be core-drilled in accordance with Section 3.16.4 and an appropriate seal boot, per Agency’s approved materials list, shall be used to positively seal against infiltration and exfiltration. Break-in connections shall not be permitted. The flow channels in the bases of existing manholes to which new sewers are connected shall be modified in accordance with Section 2.3.19.b to provide for efficient passage of wastewater flows. Manhole flow channel modifications shall generally conform to Standard Drawing SD-9. Where the new sewers are larger than 15-inches in diameter, the connection requirements to existing manholes will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The Engineer shall contact the Agency as soon as possible in the Project design process to determine sewer connection requirements.
  • Evansville Water and Sewer Utility - New Pipe Connection to Existing Manhole
    • Evansville - New Pipe Connection to Existing Manhole

Parallel Separations Water and Sewer Mains

  • UDACS 2.22 Water and Sewer/Storm Main Crossings and Clearances
    • 2.22.01 Parallel Separations (Mains)
      • A.1. Water mains and sewer lines shall be installed in separate trenches with at least ten (10) feet of separation measured horizontally from exterior pipe walls.
      • UDACS water and sewer separation
    • Water mains and sewer lines shall be installed in separate trenches with at least ten (10) feet of separation measured horizontally from exterior pipe walls. (UDACS 2nd, 2.19.01 p. 2-25)

Min Depth of Cover

  • DCSWCS 2019 - 2.3.6 Sewer Line Depths and Alignments
    • Design Standards

Min and Max Pipe Slopes

  • Mannings Equation
  • Table D - Pipe Slopes
  • Uniform Plumbing Code - Grade of Horizontal Drainage Piping

Wastewater Treatment

  • Primary Treatment Standards
    • influent treatment - screen to remove rags, bottles, etc.
  • Secondary Treatment Standards resulting effluent discharged to a stream/lake surface water
    • 5-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5)
    • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal
    • pH
    • Nutrients
      • phosporas
      • nitrogen
  • Tertiary Treatment
  • Clean Water Act requires National Pollutant (NPDES permit)

Sewer General Notes

Sewer Demand

Sewer Line Rules

Wastewater Treatment

Wetland Construction

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Removal of Phosphate


Seepage Bed - Parking Onsite Retention

  • Figure 1-0 Carl's Jr - Jerome ID Seepage Bed

Abandon Septic Tank - New Sewer Connection


  1. Building Permit Number (PAC# for Clark County)
  2. CCWRD Plan Review (no review or inspection fees)
    1. submit Data Sheet
    2. only 1 copy of plan
    3. calculations must be on both plan and data sheet
    4. Data sheet needs both Engineer's email and Client's email address
  3. Mylar signatures
  4. Mylar approval
    1. no signature required by SNHD
  5. Sewer Connection Application (Clark County Water Reclamation ? Customer Service ? Sewer Connection ? Download application)
    1. Rate Resolution (fee chart)
    2. fee \$1600 conversion from septic to public sewer

- fee \$2195 new construction

  1. Offsite Building Permit
    1. Posting Bonds (702-455-1087)
    2. Bond
    3. Off-site improvement agreement(OSIA)
    4. Legal description
    5. Personal check for county fees
    6. Articles of Organization of Secretary of State Proof of Signatory
    7. Certificate of Liability Proof of Insurance (\$1,000,000)
  2. hire Class A General Contractor
  3. fill in septic tank with soil
    1. take pictures and submit to SNHD



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