As-Built Request

  • 4 hrs min to request as-builts from various agencies
  • 4 hrs min to enter into Civil 3D
  • Proposal estimate min $500 but $1000 is more realistic

Mylars or Final Signatures on Civil Improvement Plans

Bond Estimate


  • ARC Document Solutions, LLC charges retail \$3.25 per square foot (discount \$2.50 per square foot), so 24×36 plot costs ~ \$20
  • Can purchase mylars at quarter the price but then need a plotter to print on
    • Steven Enterprises, Inc. Mylar 4mil is \$218 for 36“x150' roll, shipping is \$15.
    • Holman's of Nevada sells hp clear film (C3875A) 36”x75' for \$175 + \$12 shipping, they don't stock it, special order, mylars have a shelf life.

Southwest Gas

Step 1 - AsBuilt Request

  • get assigned redline number, e.g. 21N-604-01 James Regional Sports Park - SNPLMA
  • Reviewers
    • Tien Pham, Engineer II, 702-365-2391,

Step 2 - Review Redline Request

  • 1-Need As-Built request transmittal letter or previous transmittal letter
  • 2-Need REDLINE Number (add to transmittal letter)
    • SWG Tile Map_x630y524.pdf - located in title block
    • SW Gas Redline Map
  • 3-Need new transmittal letter
  • 4-Need PDF of plans to review
  • Upload Redline request to SWGas EFT
  • EFT notifies SWGas employees automatically, no need to email them stating plans where uploaded

Step 3 - Point of Connection Request

  • Where does SWGas want the gas line lateral installed?
  • Where does SWGas want the gas meter installed?

Step 4 - Mylar Signature Request

  • Does SWGas physically sign mylars?
  • How do you get assigned a UID number and approval letter?


  • email Civil Improvement Plans or at least APN to
  • SharePoint EFT Site (Electronic File Transfer)
  • David Friedlander, Engineering Technician,, office 702-365-2203, cell 702-469-3959
    • reviewed Desert Breeze plans
  • Need to request a folder created for GIS Engineering, then will get an email invitation and user instructions
  • Phone: (702) 365-2014 (Chris Comstock)
  • Hours of operation: Varies see below
  • Original submittal requirements:
    • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Drop off in lobby
    • 1. Transmittal (include our email address, phone number, project name).
    • 3. One Set of Plans.
    • 4. Plans are stamped.
    • 5. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for response.
  • Mylar signature:
    • 1. 2:00 pm – 4:pm Mondays and Thursdays (only) will go in conference room with Engineer to compare mylars with transmittal
      • Victor Cardenas, Engineer I,, 702-365-2022
    • 2. Transmittal.
      • SW Gas As-Builts received from SW Gas by email, printed out.
      • Copy of SW Gas Transmittal printed out.
      • Mylars to be signed.
      • Bring black sharpie marker for any changes. Gas lines must be labelled with Size, Materal and GAS or G
      • Sign while you wait.

SWGas Signature Block

  • SW Gas Signature Block
  • SW Gas Signature Block

SWGas General Notes

  • SW Gas Plan Review - Approved Review
  • Matthew J. Pedraza, Engineer II,, direct 702-365-2008, mobile 702-279-8917
    • Southwest Gas - Southern Nevada Operations
    • PO Box 98512
    • 21A-580
    • Las Vegas NV 89193-8512
    • 6“ STP HP GAS
    • 2” PE GAS
    • don't include swgas plan reference
      • Wrong: 10“ STL HP GAS (PER XC-6200)
      • Wrong: 4” PE GAS (PER AS-BUILT 2837)
      • Wrong: 2“ PE GAS (PER 0111475962)
  • SWGas Engineering Dept
    • SWGas General Notes
  • SWGas Engineering Dept
  • SWGas Engineering Dept

Review and As-built Requests

  • Sunrise Engineering is the official contractor for Southwest Gas reviews
    • Christian Dresch, EIT,, office 702-365-2064, Cell 702-600-1623
    • Fabricio Lu-Salcedo, EIT,, Cell 702-600-1623
    • 5135 Camino Al Norte, Suite 110, North Las Vegas NV 89031
  • Southwest Gas Review Process pages 1-2
  • Southwest Gas Review Process pages 3-4
  • Example Transmittal Letter from R— Engineering
    • Transmittal Letter - R--- Engineering

NV Energy

  • Project Information Sheet
      • Esperanza Arroyo, Utility Coordinator, New Development Center
    •, 702-402-8400 option 3
      • Ashley, Utility Coordinator I, Distribution Design Services
      • Adelma Thom,
    • Need to complete the project information sheet prior to being assigned a Utility Coordinator who will work with you the duration of the project
    • NV Energy Project Info Sheet

Initial Project Review

  1. complete 5 page Project Information Sheet
  2. Advance Fee - typically $1500, requires signed design initiation agreement
  3. Assigned Project Coordinator/Designer - Sandy Larsen, UDC II, Distribution Design LV South, 702-402-6705, Cell 702-672-4049,
  4. submit CAD files (version 2007)
  5. Plan Checker ? Utility Conflict ? Designer and Field verify ? Pre-Design
  6. Electrical engineer needs to submit electrical load calculations for the building

Mylar Signatures

  • Patrice Gray 702-402-6828
  • Want cover sheet to say “Improvement Plans” somewhere
  • NV Energy New Business Center Phone: 702-402-8400
    • digital submission - Jane King, 702-402-6806
    • Eric 702-402-6711
  • Hours of operation: 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Original submittal requirements:
  • 1. (Not Required)
  • Mylar signature:
    • Ask for Engineering
      • NV Energy Approval Signature Block
    • Mylars for signature
    • Sign while you wait? Yes
  • Plan Submittal: NVENG_BICS_RES (updated 11/30/2021)
  • Submit mylars:
  • Request as-builts, email
    •, Contractor - ROW Agent II - Network Infrastructure Services, 412-389-6977
      • 420 Dragon Rouge Dr
      • Greensburg PA 15601
    • Sanaa's Daniels [suh-NAE-uh], Administrative Project Coordinator,, 702-395-2776 ext 572
    • Jeanette Buttell, Contractor Right of way Agent I,, 608-397-2764
      • provide copy of the Plat for development area and/or legal description of the site including city, county and state
  •, 702-395-2776 ext 556 (very helpful, works in LV but cover Washington)
    •, 702-395-2776 ext 565
  • 3436 Aldebaran Ave, Las Vegas NV 89102
    • (old address 6700 Via Austi Pkwy, Las Vegas NV 89119)
  • Hours of operation: 8:00-11:00am and 1:00-3:00pm
  • Kathy Hale 702-612-6012
  • David Scott 206-947-3126
  • Donni Fields, ROW Project Coordinator 702-244-7055 (retired Nov 2020)
  • Original submittal requirements
    • Not required
  • Mylar signature
    • Must have d-b-a under signature:
    • Must have disclaimer Under signature:
  • Mylars for signature
  • Sign while you wait? Yes
  • Century Link Approval

Cox Communications

    • problems email
    • Cox Facility Map Request
  • Tony Ebersole, Manager, Construction and Planning,, Office: 702-545-1643, Mobile: 602-349-3405
  • Gary Bauman,
  •, 702-210-7024
    • send PDF of cover sheet and Utility Plan and Profile
    • he doesn't sign the mylars
    • Cox only reviews what is in the public right of way
    • Signature block - don't add his name, don't add a Cox project number
  • Address: 1700 Vegas Drive (cross street Martin Luther King)
  • Phone: 702-545-1606 or 702-938-8898
  • Sign mylars Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only (closed Monday and Friday)
  • Hours of operation: 7:30am - 2:30pm (closed for lunch 11:30-12:30)
  • Original submittal requirements:
  • 1. (not required)
  • Mylar signature:
  • 1. Sign while you wait.

Authorization of Approval

  • Cox Authorization of Approval Letter

Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD)

  • Request map of general area of sewer facilities
    • Kendra Hardy, CCWRD Development Services, 702-668-8160, sends the email with PDF plans when request is completed.
    • email with APN (request both As-Builts and Map Request)
    • ​Record drawings will be provided with the formal point of connection (POC) request. Map requests indicating the general area of sewer facilities can be made by emailing with the parcel information or specific area(s).
    • 2. login to get CCWRD Pipes# 20.1138
      • Help - email
        • Only submit plans (do NOT submit checklist or redlines)
      • after 30-days files get deleted off PIPES
      • Rick Engineering
        • L general cadd yrX
        • andrew bencini ( disable request on 12/23/2020)
      • GIS Engineering
    • 3. Point of Connection (POC) Request - not required for single family residence
      • Description
      • Equivalent Residential Units (ERU)
        • “Equivalent residential unit” shall mean an estimated value of ninety thousand (90,000) gallons (approximately two hundred fifty [250] gallons per unit per day) of domestic strength wastewater a customer discharges annually.
      • QAVG (MGD)
        • 1 ERU = 250 Gallons Per Day * (1 MG / 1,000,000) = 0.00025 MGD
      • Developer Name
      • Parcel Number (APN)
      • Upload Site Plan (PDF)
      • Pipes Portal - POC
      • Pipes Portal - POC Tracking Number
    • References
      • Alex Macri,
      • Christian Kessler,
      • Cal Starman,, Senior Civil Engineer, 702-668-8171
      • George Edwards, CCWRD Engineering Technician,, 702-668-8160
      • Rueben Sosa, CCWRD Engineering Technician II for POC requests,, 702-668-8888 x8162 (5620Friars!)
      • Johnny Alhwayek, PE, Principal Civil Engineer in Development Services,, cell 702-468-3048
      • Scott Hansen, PE, Manager of Design,
      • Leslie Long,
      • 5857 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas NV 89122
  • Mylar Process for Signatures
    • Mylars for signature
      • 2 mylar copies
      • 1 paper copy
      • should have NV Energy, SW Gas, Central Telephone, Cox signtures prior to going to CCWRD
    • redlines
    • Application for Sewer Service Permit Form
    • Fee Payment - contact CCWRD Customer Service Department (job# 15.201) which around 16,000
    • save receipt, will need it later
    • Contact - Paul Shott
  • No Review Fee!
  • Transmittal Letter (8.5×11) (optional)
    • CCWRD Data Sheet Example
  • Plumbing Plan Example Calculations
    • Plumbing Plan Water Drainage Calc
  • Improvement Plans
    • Must be stamped
    • They would like to see an HTE number on the plans, but if only onsite improvements, will accept
    • If a sand oil separator is installed, then meed the following note on the plans (they will apply a sticker of the note if missing)
      • “PRETREATMENT INTERCEPTOR. Interceptor (Grease or Sand) shown for reference purposes only. Sizing requirements for CCWRD review and approval to be included on the Clark County Building Department tenant improvement plans/permit or on the Architectural Plumbing Plans.”

Civil 3D Pipe Network Export

CCWRD Checksheet

  • CCWRD Check Sheet

CCWRD General Notes

CCWRD Approval Letter

  • CCWRD Approval Letter
  • Cover Sheet - Approval Signature Block
    • CCWRD Signature Block
  • Digital Signature on Plans
    • CCWRD Signature Block - Signed

Sewer Demand

  • Calculate Peak Wastewater Flow
  • Sewer Design and Construction 2019, 4th Edition - Table C
    • Table C
  • Building Square Footage
    • CCWRD Bldg Sq Ft

City of North Las Vegas

Signature Approval Lines

City of North Las Vegas Public Works

  • Robert W. Weible, Land Development Project Leader,, 702-633-2811
  • Duane McNelly, Land Development Manager,, 702-633-2312
  • “Will Serve Letter” is issued only after mylars have been approved. The “Will Server” letter is required by County Building Dept before they will issue a grading permit.
    • County Plan Review - Permit Issue Dept (702-455-8972) - Emily Sheppard-Dryden 702-455-8983

City of North Las Vegas Planning and Zoning Division

  • Summer Roybal, Planning Examiner,, 702-633-1537
  • Martha Ruiz,, 702-669-3325, Planning & Zoning Manager
  • Amy Michaels,, Principal Planner, 702-633-2202

City of North Las Vegas Survey

  • Gary Hancock, City Surveyor,, 702-633-1310

City of North Las Vegas - Utilities Department

  • Stephani Ford, Database Coordinator,, general office 702-633-1275, she maintains a database of all the properties that need the backflow preventer replaced

NLV Water Bond

  • NLV Water Bond

Clark County Public Works Development Review

  • Off-sites, Impact Analysis Studies, Title 30 Administrative applications, traffic control plans, encroachment/traffic control plan submittals, and escrow account submittals
  • Mon-Friday 8:00-4:00pm

CCPW Drainage Submittal

CCPW Offsite Improvement Plans Submittal

  • 1- Three (3) copies of plans
    • submit hardcopy per Gabriel Herrera ( and Benjamin Funk (
  • 3- Drainage Study approval letter and approved redlines
  • 4- Traffic Study acceptance and redline letter
    • Jason Allswang, Senior Plan Checker, 702-455-4631, (makes determination if traffic study is needed, along with land use review and BLM)
    • JaWaan Dodson, Plan Checker, 702-455-6387,
  • 5- Two (2) copies of Geotechnical Soils Report
  • 7- Plan check fees (min \$300 or 1.20% of estimated construction cost)
  • CCPW Contacts
    • Gabe Herrera, Principal Engineer, 702-455-2453,
    • George Wallace, Associate Engineer, 702-455-5022,
    • Lorena Sherman, Associate Engineer, 702-455-1786,
    • Maria Lucero, Associate Engineer, 702-455-4608,
  • CCPW Submittal Guidelines

Signature Block

  • CCPW Development Review - Acceptance Plans
  • CCPW Development Review - Acceptance Plans
  • CCPW Drainage Compliance
  • Lochsa Drainage Compliance
    • Grading Plan Certification

General Notes

Development Review Construction Notes

Clark County Building and Fire Department

Clark County Fire Department

Clark County Fire Permit

  • CC Fire Permit
  • Does CCFD digital sign mylar? No. We do not digitally sign plans. The stamp is our only method of providing any symbol that plans are approved. If necessary, we do accept Mylar on Bond for wet signatures. We no longer accept Mylars on Mylar film. The process is to drop them off in person with a proper application. Bond paper copies are signed, processed and finalized and made available for pick-up within 48 hours. (

Clark County Fire Department - Signature Block and Fire Calc

  • CCFD signature block needs to be on ALL utility sheets
  • CCFD Signature Block
  • CCFD Signature Block

City of Henderson

  • Development Services
    • Topher Barnes, Development Services Manager,, 702-267-3613
    • Help -
    • Records Request
      • Water Lines
      • Sewer Lines
      • Storm Drains
      • Roadway Plan and Profile (Offsite)
      • Traffic Studies
      • Drainage Studies
    • DSC Online Login email: password: WWOnew
    • Email Records Request to ,, 702-267-3700, takes 7-10 days processing
      • Christina Tuenge, Archives & Records Technician II,
      • Sindatuk “Sin” Ulama (no longer in this dept as of 2/2022)
      • Office Hours Mon-Thurs 7:30-5:30pm
  • Henderson Utilities - request HGL, Water Point of Connection, Sewer Point of Connection
  • Utility Coordination
    • Jamie, Plan Review
    • Lance Olson -, 702-267-3033 - Assistant Public Works Director
  • Kiteworks - download files
    • NormalOneX
    • GoneX
    • L general cadd 1990X

Henderson Standard General Notes

Henderson Water

  • The Water District asks the engineer to supply them with proof that a certain person has legal authority to sign for the legal owner, usually called 'vesting documents', articles of incorporation and such. The reason for this is because the Water District will be writing up what amounts to a contract between the Water District and the Owner, called the 'Agreement' that is to be notarized. This is not the Developer. The Developer does not normally have the authority to sign for the Owner who will be responsible for paying the water bills in the future.

Henderson Traffic Certification

  • Henderson Traffic Certification

Henderson Water Network Analysis Certification

Henderson Utility Providers

Henderson Digital Stamp Approval - 6x2

  • Henderson 6x2 Stamp Approval

City of Las Vegas - CLV Portal

    • L general cadd 1990
  • City of Las Vegas - Building & Safety Resources
  • Requires Civil Submittal Checklist
  • Can upload the following - Civil
    • Civil Submittal Checklist (Required)
    • Engineer's Bond Estimate
    • Geotechnical Report
    • Hydrology Study Approval Letter
    • Traffic Impact Study Approval Letter
    • Planning Conditions of Approval
    • Civil Improvement Plan (Required)
    • Verification of LVVWD Submittal (Express Only)
    • Developer/contractor Request for Permit
    • SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan)
    • Deviation from Standard and/or Waiver
    • Structural Calculations
    • Maintenance Bond and Exhibit
    • Stockpile Letters
    • Final Maps
    • Right of Way Documents
  • Planning Department

City of Las Vegas Planning

  • Planning
    • Robert Summerfield, 702-229-6301 (general planning phone number)
    • Craig Crompton, 702-229-6155, handles planning applications
  • Location

City of Las Vegas Building and Safety Department

  • Applications and Dashboard Help
    • Kelly Perone - 702-229-3248m, Business Specialist
  • Land Development Division
    • Shaun Boulton, PE, Project Engineering,, 702-229-6565

City of Las Vegas - Fire and Rescue

  • closed Friday
  • 333 N Rancho Blvd, 5th Floor
  • Las Vegas NV 89106
    • Steven Taulbee, Plans Reviewer, 702-229-4709,
    • Abby Shields,, 702-229-5439
    • mylar signatures requires an appointment 702-229-5397, to get mylars signed on 5th Floor (Rancho and US95)
    • signature block needed on both cover sheet and utility plan sheet
    • Brian Halvorson, Assistant Fire Protection Engineer, 702-229-6761,, cell 702-325-5515. As of Feb 2018, all new homes within City of Las Vegas require fire sprinklers
      • Brian Keating, Assistant Fire Protection Engineer, 702-229-6761,, cell 702-325-5515 (emailed bounced bak on 2/2/2021 and voicemail has different name)
  • CLV Fire Stamp

City of Las Vegas - Sewer

City of Las Vegas - Stormwater Management Notes

Las Vegas Valley Water District

  • Step 1 - DPS request Point of Connection and get LVVWD Facility Map
  • Step 2 - DPS request existing water lines around the project and get LVVWD as-builts
  • Step 3 - DPS review plans - need to create/make an application and get LVVWD comments if Water Network Analysis is required, etc.
  • LVVWD takes 7-10 days
      • GISENG WWonewcom
      • Jeff Jensen: jjjensen S general cadd year x
      • Les Hopper: RICKEN_7578 S general cadd year x
      • help email: or
      • general phone#: 702-822-8518
      • Mary Spaulding - setup appointments with LVVWD staff,
      • Samra Leshinski,, Senior DSA
      • James Shaheen Mohamadi,
      • or
    • Point of Connection (POC) Request
      • must be done through DPS, will NOT accept any POC requests
      • LVVWD POC Request
      • LVVWD POC Request Response
      • POC request provides a copy of the LVVWD Facility Map
      • LVVWD Facility Map
    • As-Built Request
      • must be done through DPS, will NOT accept any as-built requests
      • LVVWD As-Built Request
    • Digital Plan Submittal (DPS)
      • Improvement plans must be digitally signed PDF
      • Troubleshooting DPS contact Julia Canales Ruiz,
      • Plumbing Plans with Fixture Unit Counts must be submitted for review
      • UDACS Section 2.27 Plan Submittal
        • Agency Project Data Sheet
        • Master Utility Plan (think this is overall 24×36 sheet)
        • Building information and fire flow requirements
          • Show onsite and offsite fire flow demand
        • Fire Department approval
        • LVVWD Digital Plan Submittal
    • Point of connection request (don't think it is needed for single family)
    • Record drawing request
    • GIS screenshot of parcel
      • email:
      • Louis Mercado -
      • LVVWD GIS Screenshot
    • Single Family Home - install water meter and lateral by LVVWD
      • Dianne Ocon, 702-822-8348,
      • Send plans to Dianne for approval of LVVWD to install water meter, otherwise submit plans via DPS
    • Water Network Analysis
      • Matthew Favalora, Engineering Plans Examiner,, 702-258-3179
        • LVVWD/SNWA Engineering Services, 1001 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89153
      • Jason Ghadery - Senior Civil Engineer, 702-283-5201,
  • closed Fridays
  • Utility Plans must be approved by Engineering Services Division
  • Mylars must be dropped off, will not sign over counter
  • Michael A. Dishari, PE, Senior Civil Engineer, Engineer 702-258-3171
  • Phillip Orme, Engineering Plans Examiner II,, 702-258-3893
  • Raquelle Felsing (, 702-258-3165, is the lady who answers the phone and can give some information
  • Aalison Moore 702-822-8402, can upload plans to the Digital Plan System (DPS)

LVVWD Approved Parts List

  • Water and Fire use PVC Class 150 pipe
  • Sewer uses PVC SDR35 pipe

LVVWD Standard Notes

    • LVVWD Standard Notes Download Page
    • LVVWD Standard Notes 1/27/2021
  • Approved for Construction on COVER and UTIL sheets
    • LVVWD Approved for Construction
  • Approved for Construction on NOTES sheet
    • LVVWD Approved for Construction on Notes Sheet
  • Notes Sheet
    • LVVWD Notes Sheet with Approved for Construction

LVVWD Fire Flow Calcs

  • LVVWD ( wants the fire flow calcs on ALL the UTIL sheets, not the NOTES sheet.
    • LVVWD Fire Flow Calc

Southern Nevada Water Authority

  • closed Fridays
  • Easements and Right of Way must be approved before submitting mylars. Think Melody has to notify Michael Dishari when she has approved the easement. Unsure if you need to make an appointment to submit mylars.
  • Melody Yurasek 702-862-3447,
  • Need GIS and Surveying approval of easements
  • LVVWD Project 124283 - 10th East Charleston

Southern Nevada Health District

  • LVVWD is concerned with off-site, SNHD is concerned with on-site
  • Fire Water is considered non-potable
    • 702-759-0660

Republic Services

  • Briauna Gordon, Account Manager,, office: 702-599-5547, cell: 702-812-0313
    • 770 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas NV 89104
  • John Parquette, 702-280-0048

Regional Flood Control District

Regional Transportation Commission


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