• Model Information
    1. Show alignments with stationing.
    2. Label property line bearing and distances.
    3. Label centerline intersection stationing.
    4. Label stationing of property line at streets.
    5. Label streets names and public or private.
    6. Label row dimension.
      1. if on-street parking, label width of lanes, width & depth of parking stall
    7. Label ROW document numbers.
    8. Adjacent property APN and Owner information labeled
    9. Show and label utility, street light, driveway and pedestrian access easements with document numbers (existing and proposed).
    10. APN, Basis of Bearing and Benchmark.
    11. Show and label sawcut location with stations.
    12. Show and label sight visibility zone (SVZ).
    13. Label station on all back of curb on streets.
    14. Label curb and lines and provide curb and line table.
    15. Dimension sidewalks, drive aisles, landscape areas distances to property line.
    16. Provide northing and eastings at building corners.
    17. Label all handicap parking, bumper blocks and signage.
    18. Show Handicap pavement marking detail and signs.
    19. Label all sidewalk crossings.
    20. Label trash enclosures.
    21. Label and loading zones and signage.
    22. Station all pavement transitions.
    23. Station location of sidewalk underdrains
    24. Station and dim location of driveways. Verify correct dim. On driveway. 36’ lip to lip for two way turn movements. 25’ and 15’ radii.
    25. Label stop signs.
    26. Label all construction note ensure that details match notes.
    27. Show all sign symbols called out on plan.
    28. If a separate traffic control plan is provided note to see sheet. If a separate plan is not provided include traffic control plan requirement listed below.
    29. In COH and CNLV show and label all existing and proposed monuments.
    30. Check for any overlapping text and that all items are clearly labeled.
    31. Ensure that property lines and centerlines of streets are clearly shown.
  • Layout Notes and Text
    1. Line Table (Line#, Length, Bearing/Direction)
    2. Curve Table (Curve#, Radius, Length, Delta, Tangent)
    3. Provide agency approval block.
    4. North Arrow and Scale.
    5. Call Before You Dig logo
    6. Construction Key Notes.
    7. Key map if more than one sheet
    8. Might be able to just show on General Notes
      1. Flood Zone Note
      2. Benchmark
      3. Basis of Bearings
      4. Vicinity Map
    9. Might be able to just show on Fire, Traffic and Signage Plan
      1. Provide SVZ legend.
  • Title Block
    1. Make sure all linework matches legend.
    2. All Title block information filled out in sheet set

Alignment Intersection Label

  • C3D Style Alignment Station Offset - Intersection

Example Horizontal Control Plans

  • GC Wallace
    • Copper Sage Industrial West
  • Kimley Horn
    • Becknell Industrial
  • Lochsa
    • Silverado Ranch Park - Fire Access Plan
    • Silverado Ranch Park - Horizontal Control & Signage
  • Project Engineering Consultants (PEC) for City of Las Vegas
    • California Street - Horizontal Control Plan

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