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 +===== Early Grading Permit =====
 +  * Allows the developer to start grading the site after the drainage study is approved and before the building permit is approved. See [[http://​www.clarkcountynv.gov/​Depts/​comprehensive_planning/​zoning/​Documents/​3032.pdf|Title 30 of the Clark County Code, Section 30.32.040 (a)(4)]]
 +  * Review time is about 1 week.
 +  * Turn in to Public Works Front Counter on 1st Floor, same place turn in drainage studies. No fees collected. Will then get routed internally to Debi Leigh
 +  - [[http://​www.clarkcountynv.gov/​Depts/​public_works/​development/​Forms/​On%20Site%20Grading%20Submittal%20Options.pdf|On-site Grading Approval Submittal Options]]
 + - Option 1: on-site grading with no offsites
 + - Option 2: \$5,000,000 Grading Agreement (this is one Debi Leigh says to use)
 + - Option 3: grading under offsites HTE Number
 +==== Submittal Form ====
 +  - [[http://​www.clarkcountynv.gov/​Depts/​public_works/​development/​Forms/​Submittal%20Sheet%20Drainage%20Study.pdf|Submittal Sheet Drainage Study]], select Grading option
 + - need grading permit application number (PAC#) from Building Department
 +  - Drainage Study approval letter and grading plan redlines
 + - NDOT concurrence must be obtained prior to approval of early grading permit
 +  - Grading and Detail Mylars or Bond (think only needed if offsite improvements)
 +  - Grading Agreement - signed and notarized by Developer
 +  - Corporation Documents showing who is authorized to sign - think this only applies if property is owned by a trust
 + - must have printed name next to signature
 + - name of corporation/​LLC must be typed/​written below signature
 +===== Approval =====
 +  * Once approved and signed by Debi Leigh, grading plan will be internally routed to building department and original scanned/​archived. Then will be given to the ladies in the front counter (Jeri) for pickup.
 +===== Building Department Requirements =====
 +  * contact Scott Telford, telfords@clarkcountynv.gov

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