Roster of Introduction to Civil Engineering Professors/Instructors/Teachers

ID University CivilURL UnderGradCatalogURL CourseNumberName CourseDesc IntroCivilProfName IntroCivilProfEmail
1 Alabama A&M University CE 101 Introduction to Civil Engineering Introduction to Civil Engineering - 3 hrs. Introduction to civil engineering profession and societies. Topics include engineering ethics, engineering problem solving, and systems of units and dimensions. Technical presentations ? written and oral are required Basic design concepts (team approach) and personal computer skills are developed. Local field trips and guest lectures are also included. Pre-requisite: Consent of instructor. (Offered Spring)
2 Arizona State University FSE 100 Introduction to Engineering Introduces the engineering design process; working in engineering teams; the profession of engineering; engineering models, written and oral technical communication skills. 2 credits.
3 Auburn University ENGR 1100 Engineering Orientation; ENGR 1110 Introduction to Engineering Introduction to the College of Engineering and its resources, exploration of engineering careers, orientation to campus resources and facilities, and assistance with academics and transition to college. (0 credits). ENGR 1110-Introduction to engineering design, engineering teams, graphical presentation, technical writing, oral presentation.
4 Boise State University CE 280 Civil Engineering Case Studies Review of projects, historical and ongoing, from various aspects of Civil Engineering. 2 credits.
5 Bradley University CE 100 Introduction to Civil Engineering Introduction to the civil engineering professions. Introduction to fundamental engineering concepts; engineering design; engineering ethics; professional societies; introduction to computers and computer applications. 1 credit.
6 Brigham Young University CEEN101 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Introduction to what civil and environmental engineering is all about. Careers in the profession. Courses and curriculum of the major. Freshman projects and teamwork. 1 credit.
7 Brown University ENGN0030 Introduction to Engineering ENGN0030 is intended to give a broad introduction to the engineering discipline to those with little or no previous exposure to the subject, as well as to provide a foundation for further study in engineering. Topics discussed include: (i) an introduction to engineering; (ii) vectors; (iii) optimization; (iv) statics; and (v) engineering design. The course includes 2 design projects and a measurement lab. Karen Haberstroh
8 Bucknell University ENGR 100 Exploring Engineering Introduction to the study and practice of engineering, including overviews of specific disciplines. Participatory focus involves group design projects, hands-on learning, computer work, team building, and engineering ethics discussion. 3 credit.
9 California Baptist University EGR 102 Introduction to Engineering Design Introduction to fundamental techniques used in engineering design and analysis. Different models of the design project will be examined. A collborative team oriented design project will be undertaken. 4 credits.
10 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo CE 111 Introduction to Civil Engineering Broad overview of the field of civil engineering, including professional societies and their student chapters, professional licensing and registration, professional codes of ethics, the elements of engineering design, and the scope of analysis and design activities undertaken by private- and public-sector civil design professionals. 1 credit. Gregg Fiegel
11 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona CE 122 Introduction to Civil Engineering Fundamental concepts of civil engineering. The technical, professional, ethical, and social responsibilities of the civil engineer. 1 credit.
12 California State University, Chico CIVL 101 Introduction to Civil Engineering Introduction to the profession of Civil Engineering and the various sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering. Overview of the professional engineer licensing process. Overview of the CSU, Chico Civil engineering curriculum and the disciplinary patterns in the curriculum. Discussion of the importance and purpose of both professional societies and graduate education. 3 credits.
13 California State University, Fresno CE 85 Introduction to Civil Engineering The civil engineering profession and its role in society; creative thinking and critical thinking as integral parts of the engineering decision process; engineering methods of analysis; problem solving; computer drafting; career opportunities. 3 credits. William Wright
14 California State University, Fullerton none none
15 California State University, Long Beach CE 101 Intro CE & Construction Engr Management Civil engineering and construction engineering management as a profession. Current trends and challenges, ethical, social and environmental issues in professional practice. Professional organizations and licensure. Communication and lifelong learning skills for professional practice. 1 credit.
16 California State University, Los Angeles CE 195 Civil Engineering Design I Introduction to civil engineering design including problem identification, data gathering, analysis, feasibility study, alternative design, decision making and communication. 4 credits (2 lecture and 2 lab)
17 California State University, Northridge CEE 101 Introduction to Civil Engineering and Lab Freshman orientation course for the civil engineering program - the profession - and an introduction to the University. Introduction to the tools for civil engineering studies: internet - word processing -spreadsheet. Development of communication skills and ability to work in teams. Development of learning skills in civil engineering studies. 1 credit lecture and 3 credit lab. Sami Maalouf
18 California State University, Sacramento CE 1A Civil Engineering Seminar Introduces students to civil engineering as a profession. Topics include the technical disciplines (environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation, and water resources), the role of civil engineers in planning, construction and operating infrastructure, and professional responsibilities such as licensure and ethics. Case studies are used to explore both technical and nontechnical aspects of civil engineering projects such as design and environmental constraints, constructability, and social and political issues. 1 credit.
19 Carnegie Mellon University 12-100 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Introduction to selected subfields in the discipline, such as structural engineering, construction project management, and environmental engineering. Problem solving exercises apply fundamental concepts from these subfields to integrate the steps of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation through individual homework assignments and group projects that require attention to a broad ranges of issues. The course also exposes the students to issues related to engineering practice such as working in teams, scheduling, evaluating risk and making ethical decisions. In addition to regular lectures and project exercises, the course includes guest speakers and class demonstrations.
20 Carroll College ENGR 102 Introduction to Engineering This course introduces students to engineering opportunities and the engineering design process. The course is project oriented with assignment emphasis on teamwork to solve problems. Hands-on projects include file-folder bridge design and construction. Water-Town design, reverse engineering Investigation and others. The course reviews the various areas of engineering and includes an introduction to surveying. 1 credit.
21 Case Western Reserve University none none
22 Christian Brothers University CE 100 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering New students are introduced to different areas of civil and environmental engineering, professional registration, ethics, and professional responsibilities. The course is team-taught by the faculty and practitioners. 0 credit.
23 City University of New York, City College
24 Clarkson University
25 Clemson University
26 Cleveland State University
27 Colorado State University
28 Columbia University
29 Cooper Union Joseph Viola
30 Cornell University
31 Drexel University
32 Duke University
33 Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach EGR 101 Introduction to Engineering EGR 101 introduces students to the engineering profession. Students will actively learn the design process by participating in 2 to 3 team design projects, typically focused on space or aviation-related systems. The different disciplines of engineering will be explored, especially those offered at Embry-Riddle (i.e., Aerospace, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineering). The interdependency of these disciplines will also be explored through the design of systems that require input from several disciplines of engineering. Professionalism and ethics within the engineering profession are topics that are covered regularly throughout the course. Timothy Wilson
34 Florida A&M University EGN 1004L First-year Engineering lab 1 credit.
35 Florida Atlantic University
36 Florida Gulf Coast University
37 Florida Institute of Technology
38 Florida International University (Modesto Maidique Campus)
39 Florida State University EGN 1004L First-year Engineering lab
40 George Mason University
41 Georgia Institute of Technology
42 Gonzaga University
43 Howard University
44 Idaho State University
45 Illinois Institute of Technology
46 Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
47 Iowa State University
48 Jackson State University
49 Kansas State University
50 Lafayette College
51 Lamar University
52 Lawrence Technological University
53 Lehigh University
54 Louisiana State University and A&M College
55 Louisiana Tech University
56 Loyola Marymount University
57 Manhattan College
58 Marquette University
59 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
60 Merrimack College
61 Michigan State University Richard Lyles
62 Michigan Technological University,ENVE&PS_STYLE_DEPT=cee&ps_level=UG&ps_faculty=all
63 Minnesota State University, Mankato Steve Druschel
64 Mississippi State University Dennis Truax
65 Missouri University of Science and Technology
66 Montana State University - Bozeman
67 Morgan State University
68 New Jersey Institute of Technology Priscilla Nelson
69 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
70 New Mexico State University J. Phillip King
71 North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
72 North Carolina State University at Raleigh
73 North Dakota State University
74 Northeastern University
75 Northern Arizona University David Richter
76 Northwestern University
77 Norwich University
78 Ohio Northern University
79 Ohio University
80 Oklahoma State University
81 Old Dominion University
82 Oregon Institute of Technology C.J. Riley, Jamie Zipay
83 Oregon State University
84 Pennsylvania State University
85 Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, The Capital College EDSGN 100 Engineering Design and Graphics EDSGN 100 Introduction to Engineering Design (3) Introduction to engineering design processes, methods, and decision making using team design projects; design communication methods including graphical, verbal, and written. Rick Ciocci
86 Polytechnic Institute of New York University
87 Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
88 Portland State University
89 Prairie View A&M University
90 Princeton University
91 Purdue University at West Lafayette ENGR 13100 and ENGR 13200 Transforming Ideas to Innovation Parts I and II Transforming Ideas to Innovation I is a two credit-hour course offered in both the fall and the spring. James Whitford
92 Purdue University Calumet
93 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
94 Rice University
95 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
96 Rowan University
97 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
98 Saint Martin's University
99 San Diego State University
100 San Francisco State University
101 San Jose State University
102 Santa Clara University
103 Seattle University Nirmala Gnanapragasam
104 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
105 South Dakota State University
106 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
107 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
108 Southern Methodist University
109 Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College
110 Stanford University
111 State University of New York at Buffalo
112 Stevens Institute of Technology
113 Syracuse University
114 Temple University ENGR 1101 Introduction to Engineering & Engineering Technology Provides an understanding of the study and practice associated with civil, electrical and mechanical engineering and echnology disciplines. Understand the importance of good communications and teamwork skills in a successful engineering and technology career. Understand the basics of problem solving and design. Discipline-specific labs. 2 credits.
115 Tennessee State University
116 Tennessee Technological University
117 Texas A&M University
118 Texas A&M University - Kingsville
119 Texas Tech University
120 The Catholic University of America
121 The Citadel
122 The College of New Jersey
123 The George Washington University 1010 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering An introduction to the profession of civil and environmental engineering. Field visits and laboratory exercises complement classroom instruction. 1 credit Kim Roddis
124 The Johns Hopkins University 141 Perspectives on the Evolution of Structures Why do buildings and bridges look the way they do today? Students will be provided the tools to answer this question for themselves through a study of the history of the design of buildings and bridges throughout the world from both the engineering and architectural/aesthetic perspectives. 3 credits. Ben Schafer
125 The Ohio State University
126 The University of Akron 4300 120 Intro to Civil Design 2 credits. Christopher Miller
127 The University of Alabama Ken Fridley
128 The University of Alabama in Huntsville
129 The University of Kansas Stanley Rolfe
130 The University of Memphis
131 The University of Texas at San Antonio
132 The University of Texas-Pan American
133 The University of Toledo
134 Trine University
135 Tufts University
136 United States Air Force Academy
137 United States Coast Guard Academy none according to Dr. Zelmanowitz, no intro to civil, just Statics and Engineering Design course for freshman. Sharon Zelmanowitz
138 United States Military Academy
139 University of Alabama at Birmingham
140 University of Alaska Anchorage
141 University of Alaska Fairbanks
142 University of Arizona
143 University of Arkansas
144 University of California, Berkeley
145 University of California, Davis
146 University of California, Irvine R Jayakrishnan (81A); A. AghaKouchak (81B)
147 University of California, Los Angeles Jonathan Stewart
148 University of Central Florida
149 University of Cincinnati
150 University of Colorado at Boulder Angela Bielefeldt
151 University of Colorado Denver
152 University of Connecticut
153 University of Dayton
154 University of Delaware
155 University of Detroit Mercy Alan Hoback
156 University of Evansville
157 University of Florida
158 University of Hartford
159 University of Hawaii at Manoa
160 University of Houston
161 University of Idaho Fritz Fiedler
162 University of Illinois at Chicago
163 University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign Liang Liu
164 University of Iowa
165 University of Kentucky Mei Chen, Reg Souleyrette
166 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Chris Carroll
167 University of Louisville
168 University of Maine
169 University of Maryland College Park
170 University of Massachusetts Amherst Mike Knodler, Richard Palmer
171 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
172 University of Massachusetts Lowell
173 University of Miami
174 University of Michigan
175 University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
176 University of Mississippi
177 University of Missouri - Kansas City
178 University of Missouri - St Louis
179 University of Missouri - Columbia
180 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
181 University of Nevada - Reno
182 University of Nevada - Las Vegas
183 University of New Hampshire
184 University of New Haven
185 University of New Mexico
186 University of New Orleans
187 University of North Carolina at Charlotte
188 University of North Dakota
189 University of North Florida
190 University of Notre Dame
191 University of Oklahoma
192 University of Pittsburgh
193 University of Portland
194 University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus
195 University of Rhode Island
196 University of South Alabama CE 102 Introduction to Civil Engineering Introduction to the issues facing today's Civil Engineers. Students will learn the basic techniques of working in teams. Computer aided design and applications using spreadsheets in Civil Engineering will be introduced. Laptop computer required. Prerequisite: None. Fee. 2 credits.
197 University of South Carolina
198 University of South Florida
199 University of Southern California
200 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
201 University of Tennessee at Knoxville
202 University of Texas at Arlington
203 University of Texas at Austin
204 University of Texas at El Paso
205 University of Texas at Tyler ENGR 1201 Engineering Methods In this course you will learn how engineering has impacted the modern world. You will hear practicing engineers and computer scientist talk about real world engineering and computer science problems. You will be introduced to analysis and the engineering design process. You will see how math, physics, and basic mechanics topics establish the foundation for engineering analysis and design and how we work to maximize the use of computers in support of our work. This course has 7 specific objectives as listed below. They can be generally grouped and summarized as learning about how engineering impacted the modern world, introduce you to some of the tools and techniques you will need to complete your studies in engineering, and give you an appreciation for the engineering profession. M. Sathyamoorthy, Torey Nalbone
206 University of the District of Columbia
207 University of the Pacific
208 University of Utah
209 University of Vermont Lisa Aultman-Hall, Nancy Hayden
210 University of Virginia Brian Smith
211 University of Washington
212 University of Wisconsin - Madison
213 University of Wisconsin - Platteville GENENG 1000 Engineering Success Skills; GENENG 1030 Introduction to Engineering Projects An introductory course which will provide the opportunity for new engineering students to develop and improve their problem-solving ability, computer literacy, and study skills to maximize their chances for success in their college careers and prepare them for subsequent engineering, courses. Topics include: making the transition from high school to college; time management; exploration of the engineering disciplines, learning styles, introduction to computer skills including spreadsheets, word processing and presentation software; engineering ethics, and introduction to engineering methods. Eight week course which meets two hours per week. 1 credit; An introductory course which will provide the opportunity for new engineering students to explore the UWP engineering programs through seven hands-on engineering modules, representing the seven engineering disciplines at UW-Platteville. Emphasis will be placed on written and oral communication skills, data collection and analysis, computer application skills and group work. Semester course which meets two hours per week. 1 credit.
214 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
215 University of Wyoming
216 Utah State University
217 Valparaiso University
218 Vanderbilt University Lori Troxel
219 Vermont Tech
220 Villanova University
221 Virginia Military Institute
222 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
223 Washington State University
224 Washington University
225 Wayne State University
226 West Virginia University
227 West Virginia University Institute of Technology
228 Western Kentucky University
229 Western Michigan University
230 Widener University
231 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Frederick Hart
232 Youngstown State University

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