Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional

Certification Topics

1-Draw Objects

1.1-Draw lines and rectangles

1.2-Draw circles arcs and polygons

2-Draw with Accuracy

2.1-Use object-snap tracking

2.2-use coordinate systems

2.3-make isometric drawings

2.3.1 Additional Resources

2.3.2 AutoCAD Help

3-Modify Objects

3.1-Move and Copy Objects

3.2-Rotate and Scale Objects


  • Rotate Ribbon
    • Rotate Ribbon


3.3-Create and Use Arrays

3.4-Trim and Extend Objects

3.5-Offset and mirror objects

3.6-Use grip editing

3.7-Fillet and chamfer objects

4-Use additional drawing techniques

4.1-Draw and edit polylines

4.2-Blend between objects with splines

4.3-Apply hatches and gradients

5-Organize objects

5.1-Change object properties

5.2-Alter layer assignments for objects

5.3-Control layer visibility

5.4-Assign properties by object or layer

5.5-Manage layer properties

6-Reuse Existing Content

6.1-work with blocks

6.2-Manage block attributes

6.3-reference external drawings and images

7-Annotate Drawings

7.1-Add and modify text

7.2-Use dimensions

7.3-Add and modify multileaders

7.4-Create and assign annotative styles

7.5-Use tables

8-Layouts and printing

8.1-Create layouts

8.2-Use viewports

8.3-Set printing and plotting options


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