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   * Mandatory Appendix I - Minimum Letter Heights (inch) ASME Y14.2-2008   * Mandatory Appendix I - Minimum Letter Heights (inch) ASME Y14.2-2008
     * {{engineer-civil:​autocad-template:​letterheight-asme-y14.2.png|Minimum Letter Heights}}     * {{engineer-civil:​autocad-template:​letterheight-asme-y14.2.png|Minimum Letter Heights}}
 +  * National CAD Standard - V6, Uniform Drawing System, Module 4 - Drafting Conventions
 +    * {{engineer-civil:​autocad-template:​textheight-ncs.png|Text Height from National CAD Standard}}
   * US Department of Veterans Affairs   * US Department of Veterans Affairs
     * [[https://​www.wbdg.org/​FFC/​VA/​VABIM/​dwg_deliv_rqmts.pdf|VA Drawing Deliverable Requirements]]     * [[https://​www.wbdg.org/​FFC/​VA/​VABIM/​dwg_deliv_rqmts.pdf|VA Drawing Deliverable Requirements]]

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