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  • [Q] What size should my header image be on my newsletter?
    • appears a 3:1 ratio is acceptable
    • Full-width section images X=564px and Y=188px
  • [Q] How do I scale the image in my newsletter?
    • In the image editor, you can resize the image by typing in the desired dimensions on the bottom left. This change will not relfect in the editor, only within the campaign builder after saving. Other editing features include Crop, Filter, Color Adjust, Text, Overlays and more.
    • MailChimp Campaign Image
    • MailChimp Campaign Image - Edit
  • Mailchimp's email templates are 600 pixels wide, so it's best to size your images with that maximum width in mind
    • 564px full-width section images
    • 264px 2-column section images
  • Mailchimp Help

Mailchimp support

  • new accounts get 30 days of tech support free
  • How do I enter the BLACK50 discount code when making a purchase to get 50% of sales
  • How do I display an archive of my newsletters on my WordPress site?
    • Want to display both HTML and PDF versions
  • Can I have multiple URL customizations? In other words, can I use just one mailchimp account but it serves 3 different companies and each company has its own branding and customized URL?
  • Can I have multiple email subscriber databases?
  • How do you delete unsubscribers from the Mailchimp database?
    • 500 max contacts, this includes both subscribers and unsubscribers, right?

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