Drawing Layouts

Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard

  • Use the Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard to copy drawing resources such as borders, title blocks, and sketch symbols from a source drawing to one or more target drawings.


Drawing Annotation

  • Steps to change the text size/height
  1. Manage tab > Styles Editor from the Styles and Standards panel > Text > Note Text (ANSI) > New… button
    1. Figure 1-0 Autodesk Inventor - Create New Note Text
  2. Name it Note Text Jensen and change the Text Height from 0.120 inches to 0.200 inches
    1. Figure 1-0 Autodesk Inventor - Change Note Text Size
  3. Save
  4. select Dimension > Architectural (ANSI) > Units tab
    1. Figure 1-0 Autodesk Inventor - Change Note Text Units
    2. Figure 1-0 Autodesk Inventor - Change Note Text Units

Title Blocks


Retrieve Dimensions

NIMS Lathe Drawing

  • National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Machining Skills Level 1 - Job Duty 2.3 - Turning Between Centers
  • Figure 1-0 NIMS Turning Between Centers
  • Figure 2-0 NIMS Turning Between Centers - 2D Drawing
  • Figure 1. Table 6. American National Standard Combined Drills and Countersinks - Plain and Bell Types, Machinery's Handbook, 27th Edition by Industrial Press, p. 873
  • Figure 1-0 NIMS Turning Between Centers - No. 4 Center Drill Dimensions Detail
  • Figure 2, ANSI Standard Twist Drill Nomenclature, Machinery's Handbook, 27th Edition by Industrial Press, p. 855

NIMS Machining Skills Level 2

Equipment - Cutting Tools

Knurl in 3D part model view

  • Issues showing a knurled surface - Autodesk Inventor - Knurled 45 appearance not displaying properly by Adam Forney. For some reason this video only played in Google Chrome (got error using Firefox and IE).
    • Step 1 - select part face to be knurled and assign the “Knurled 45” material to it.
    • Step 2 - open the Appearance Browser, right click on the “Knurled 45” material and select Edit
      • Figure 1-0 Assign and Edit Knurl 45 material
    • Step 3 - Change the Relief Pattern type from Knurl to Custom Image
      • Figure 2-0 Knurl Relief Pattern - Custom Image
    • Step 4 - assign knurl image (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2015\Textures\bumpmaps\Knurl_bump.bmp)
    • Step 5 - change sample size to 0.08 inches (click the image to open the Texture Editor dialog box)
      • Figure 3-0 Knurl Sample Size
    • Note - the knurl texture pattern will only display in a drawing (.idw) isometric view that is shaded. Will not be shown in a multiview drawing.

Knurl in 2D part drawing view

  • Step 1 - select the view, the red dotted line will become a green dotted line, then Place Views > Start Sketch
  • Step 2 - Sketch > Project Geometry and select the boundary
  • Step 3 - Sketch > Fill/Hatch Region
  • Problem - the lineweight is too thick, how do I change it?
  • Figure 3-0 Object Defaults Style


Auxiliary and Broken Section Views

  • Figure 1-0 Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics, 114th Edition by Giesecke, Mitchell, Spencer, Hill, Dygdon, Novak and Lockhart, Exercise 8.15 45° Elbow, p. 320, with corrections

Section Views in Model Part

Section Views in Drawings

Drawing Layout References


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