• Sketch Dimensions vs Drawing Dimensions
    • How do you add diameter symbols, units, descriptive text to a sketch dimension?
    • How do you change the sketch dimension size > Application Options > General tab > Annotation scale
  • Can enter mixed-unit formulas in a dimension. 3.25 ft - 1 m + 3 cm + 0.125 in = 23.775 mm (see Autodesk University MA2822: 60 Inventor Tips in 60 Minutes, Tip#38)
  • Show Dimensions from the Model Browser Window
    • Figure 1-0 Nail box handle with Dimensions

Sketch Dimensions

  • Arc Length Dimension - when dimensioning an arc, have the right click option to assign a dimension type of radius, diameter or arc length.
    • Figure 2-0 Sketch Dimension - Arc Length
    • Figure 3-0 Sketch Dimensions Video on Arc Length
  • Autodesk Inventor 2014 Help - Create arc in sketch
  • Autodesk Inventor 2014 Help - Sketch Dimension Reference

Drawing Dimensions

Dimension Isometric Views

Dimension Isometric Views Chamfer


Style and Standard Editor

  • Ribbon: Manage tab → Style and Standards panel → Styles Editor
    • Text → Label Text (ANSI)
      • Font: Arial Narrow (default is Tahoma with text height 0.180“)
    • Text → Note Text (ANSI)
      • Font: Arial Narrow (default is Tahoma with text height 0.120”)
      • Note: Dimension → Default (ANSI) → Text tab primary text style is Note Text(ANSI)

User Defined Symbols

  • Autodesk Inventor 2015 Help - Sketched symbols
    • “You can create sketched symbols in a drawing or a drawing template. Symbols created in a drawing are available only in that document, but symbols created in a template are available to all drawings based on that template.”
    • “Sketched symbols with a leader attached to a model are associated with model properties. If a leader is deleted, the symbol loses its model association, but restoring the leader can recreate the association. Instead of deleting a leader, consider turning off its visibility. Invisible leaders retain symbol association with model properties.”

Special Characters


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